Cantaloupe and Fig Salad

This salad is for the magical time when cantaloupe and figs are both in season. I seriously dream about it every year. I have changed up the cheese each time but the core ingredients of cantaloupe, figs, and prosciutto stay the same.
Fair Shares
Fresh Figs (YAY!)
Black Goat cheese
Parsley (simply for color)
Other Ingredients
20 year balsamico de Modena (Fair Shares has a great date syrup that, as is or mixed with regular balsamic, would be wonderful here)
A few grinds of pepper
Slice fruit and arrange on a serving plate. Add chunks of cheese and prosciutto. Drizzle with balsamic and sprinkle with pepper.
I visited my friend Claire Augustine at The Wine Merchant for some ideas. Claire and Danny came up with a red and a white for me to try. Both are Italian as a nod to the prosciutto. The red is a Barbera grape which already had a first press. This wine was made from the leftover grapes or the ‘dregs’. The wine becomes more concentrated and is lush and complex. It’s a delicious pairing especially with the funky cheese.
The white is a Vermatino grape. This one is fairly acidic and is incredible with the melon. I preferred the red overall but both wines went well and were both under $15.

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