Asian Stir Fry

Fair Shares
1lb ground pork
I bunch bok choy, cleaned and cut into chunks
3 purple daikon radish, sliced thin
6 scallions, sliced thin
2-3 tbsp soy sauce
1 cup brown basmati rice
Other ingredients:
2 carrots, sliced thin
1/4 cup hoisin sauce
2-3 tbsp sriracha
2 tbsp corn starch
Heat 1 cup rice in 2 1/4 cups water to boiling. Turn to simmer and set timer for 35 minutes.
Wash and chop all veg. When the rice is 10 minutes from done, brown pork in a large sauté pan.
Add bok choy and stir fry till the greener pieces wilt. Add the carrots, soy, hoisin, and sriracha.
Mix 2 tbsp corn starch in a small bowl with 2 tbsp water. Add to pan to thicken sauce. Add radish and sauté for just a minute more. Taste and adjust spice level up with more sriracha or down with more hoisin. Serve over rice.
I contacted Kara Flaherty, sommelier at Vicia and Winslow’s Table for an off-dry Riesling to pair. She recommended this gorgeous Teutonic from Oregon $20. This wine has the perfect tone of acid and sugar to cut through the spice and complexity of the dish and still stand tall. I love that you can pick up any of her personal selections at Winslow’s Table!
If you’d rather have a beer with stir fry, I suggest Rockwell Passing Clouds. The bright, orange notes in this beer is a wonderful pairing to any spicy dish, and certainly does so here.

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