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Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts
Roasting chestnuts is easy, but the preparation can seem laborious if you aren't in love with chestnuts like I am, or if you don't use the right tool, or if you haven't done it numerous times. It's worth it, I asure, and I would be happy to give a demonstration if you pick up at the Mothership. Read more

Hammy Apple and Cheese Saute with Chestnuts or Pecans

Hammy Apple and Cheese Saute with Chestnuts or Pecans
Sometimes inspiration strikes, but it's more of a strike out. And sometimes, the heavens open and the angels do sing... This was such a happy lunch that I had to do it again for dinner. The third time, I omitted the ham and substituted pecans; the angels started singing in rounds. …Read more

Homemade Pot Pie

Homemade Pot Pie
I have my leftover turkey ready, and hope to recreate this beauty from last year. I can practically smell the heavenly aroma of the pie crust that infused my home for days afterward...

Read more

Introducing Harvest Shreds

Powered by oo’mämē

Fair Shares is very excited to be the test market for Fifth Taste Foods as they introduce their new vegetarian plant-based protein, Harvest Shreds. (This has egg white, so is not vegan.)

Oo’mämē creator Mark Engel brought us all four varieties to sample today, and we all agree it is the best plant-based protein we've ever tried. This product hits all the necessary requirements we look for--visual, texture, chew, flavor. If you are a non-meat eater because you don't like meat, this may not appeal to you.

Want to try a free sample? You must commit to giving feedback. Mark has made it easy to do so with QR codes that take you to an informational video and quick survey. We have a limited number of 12oz. samples available in the prepared Foods Category in the online store. The variety will be a mystery.
All members must complete trades and orders by 10:30a.m. Wednesday.

FS14 Wk37 Shares, 12/1&2/2021

FS14 Wk37 Shares, 12/1&2/2021
5. FSC

Pork - Bacon Burgers ($13.50)
Pasta - Short Bi-Color ($6.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Condiment Choice ($6)
Lettuce - Mix


Pork - Breakfast ($7.25)
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Eggs ($4.75)
Multigrain Bread ($4)
Yogurt - Vanilla Regular ($4)
Rice Choice ($5.50)
Lettuce - Head
Green Onions
Cauliflower - lb.
Squash - Spaghetti - Medium


Chicken - Ground ($8.25)
Yogurt - Greek Plain ($4)
Rice - Choice ($4.50)
Squash - Acorn
Veggie Wildcard
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Everyone must order by 10:30a.m. Wednesday!

If you need to come on the other day, you must let us know BY EMAIL before Wednesday so we can switch you for the week. 

Selecting a time for the other day will not alert us of your request. Otherwise we won't have your share ready for you.


Beef - Ground 80/20 ($6.75)
Del Carmen Choice ($6)
Chevre - Plain ($7.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Kale - Green Curly
Beets - No Tops
Lettuce - Head
Greens Choice
Squash - Butternut - Small
Apples - Golden Delicious

3. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb

Pork - Boerewors Sausage ($10.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Pasta - Long Bi-Color ($6.50)
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Broccoli Greens
Lettuce - Romaine (not coming until Thurs.!)
Cabbage - Savoy
Squash - Butternut - Medium
Wildcard Veggie

I just learned the Good Life Growing items aren't coming until Thursday so we may be substituting items in the shares or in orders. My brain is no longer capable of figuring out a plan at the moment, so please be flexible this week.