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We'll see all Full Share, Mini Share, and EVEN-week Half Share members this week.

Your assigned pickup day is [Delivery Day], [Next Delivery Date]*, and your group is [Pickup Site].
To switch the day or location, reply to this email before 10a.m. Wednesday so we can switch you in the system. If you just select a different pickup day from the store, it doesn't move you in the system and you won't show up on the correct report.

LOGIN HERE to select your time and ADD it in your cart. Make sure that the time you want is in your order confirmation email. If it's not, please go in and select another time.
You may update your cart as many times as you like.

If you aren't going to come early, please select the later time slots. If you didn't select a time, come after the first hour or pickups.

Please show up on [Delivery Day], [Next Delivery Date]* to avoid a restocking fee.

*Half share members, please note that if you shop on your off-weeks, it will show a pickup each week, so you need to note whether it's an even or odd week to know if you're getting a share.

Share Holds must be placed before midnight Sunday. Log in to your account and select the Delivery Hold tab to do so.



Thanksgiving falls on Week 36 this year, so EVEN week half-share members need to pay special attention in TWO weeks, along with all the weekly pickup members.

Wednesday pickup groups will come on Monday, November 23 and Thursday pickup groups will come Tuesday, Nov. 24. We will be sending the newsletter on Sunday evening, and orders must be received by Monday morning per the regular hours (10:30 for UCity, 11:00am for the rest.)

If you order turkey for Thanksgiving, it will be available fresh at your pickup. See details on turkey orders below.

Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour soup
Time to resurrect this happy accident recipe:

What do you do when you've mistakenly put nearly a cup of vinegar in your enormous crockpot of chicken broth? When life gives you vinegar-chicken broth, you make hot and sour soup. If you happen to have a CSA with a newsletter that needs weekly recipes, you document each step so that you can create a …

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Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey Now!

Order by NEXT Wednesday November 18th
Sign up to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey!

You can order whole turkeys or turkey breasts, thighs, wings or drumsticks, just make sure to select a "Thanksgiving" option in the store.

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Sweet Potato/Greens Gratin

Sweet Potato and Greens Gratin
Here's a delicious preparation for cooking greens, especially if your family thinks they don't like them. Also, a reminder that when you receive root veggies with tops, separate them when you get home and store them together in a bag--it's all edible!

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Gift Bag - Mid-Week Dinner

Holiday Gift Bags for Pre-order

Check out the new store category "Gift Bags" to order ahead from a fun variety Fair Shares gift bags curated to please the foodie friends and family in your bubble, and beyond! From simple snacks to teacher gifts, meal staples to meat-lover kits, you're sure to find presents for all your favorite people (including yourself!). We're starting with Order Ahead so we can get an idea on quantities to purchase.

We will put together the bags that don't include frozen items with gift bags and a bow. Those with frozen items will be packed in a regular brown bag and include the gift bag and bow separate. We will plan to include your gift bag orders at your next pickup, but you may request a specific later date.
Note: We will substitute any items listed if they are not available.

Notes on Trades and Orders

The share clipboards below will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart but you are welcome to buy extra.

Here's a video demo on how to make trades. Note that Farmigo has updated their system to allow you to click the items in your cart that have variations for you to select.

Please check the descriptions of items! Some things are sold by the pound so the actual price will be different from what's listed in the store. If what's in your bag is not what you were expecting, give it back. If you're at the Mothership, you may be able to choose something else.

Pro Tip: You can browse the store when it's "closed" by logging out of your account.

FS13 Wk34 Shares, 11/11&12, 2020

FS13 Wk34 Shares, 11/11&12, 2020

Lamb Gyro ($13.50)
Prairie Fruits Feta Cheese ($7)
Yogurt - Plain Greek ($4)
Cham Pita or Zaatar Bread ($2.50)
Kakao Marshmallow Pie ($4.50)
Squash - Spaghetti - Medium
Radish - Daikon - Mini

Beef Stew Meat ($9)
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Companion Sprouted Wheat Bread ($4)
Cheese Choice ($6)
Eggs ($4.75)
Cornmeal ($4.50)
Lettuce - Mix
Tomatoes - Green Cherry
Radish - Mix
Apples - Organic Winesap

1. MINI / Mini Trial

Antons Ground Beef ($6.75)
Del Carmen Black Beans Choice ($6)
Marcoot Cheese Choice ($4.50)
Bok Choy
Tomatoes - Green
Squash - Acorn - Medium
Need pickup site & time info? Click here

UCity, place your orders and sign up for your time slot by 10:30a.m. Wednesday!

FS and KW have until 11 am Wednesday.
Signup for a time slot through your shopping cart.

If you need to come on another day, you must let us know by email before Wednesday so we can switch you for the week. Otherwise we won't have your share ready for you.

2. FSC / Full Trial

Buttonwood Ground Chicken ($8.25)
Eggs ($4.75)
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Coffee or Field to Fire Choice ($11.50)
Romanesco Cauliflower
Tomatoes - Green Cherry
Wildcard Produce x 2
Apples - Organic Gala

5. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb

Pork Kielbasa ($7.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Yogurt - Regular Vanilla ($4)
Midwest Short Pasta ($6.50)
Marinas Tomato Sauce ($6)
Mustard Choice ($4)
Radishes - Salad
Lettuce - Head or Mix
Turnips - Japanese
Apples - Jonagold