Mushroom Lover's Frittata with Spinach and Cheese

This is the perfect time of the year for having breakfast for dinner, or for a good hearty brunch on the weekend.



1 bag Ozark Forest mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
2-3 tsp. olive oil
1 medium onion or 2 green onions, coarsely chopped
1 bunch spinach, washed and chopped, large stems removed
9 eggs 
Salt and Pepper
1/2 cup shredded Marcoot Jersey Creamery  melty cheese like gouda, havarti or mozaarella, plus a tiny bit more to sprinkle on top if desired
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (or whatever you have left in the fridge from last week)

Preheat broiler. Use a 12 inch all metal frying pan with a non-stick surface. Oil a pan.

Heat 1 tsp. olive oil over medium heat.
Add onions and mushrooms, salt and pepper. 

Saute about 5 minutes, until mushrooms are softened and liquid has evaporated.

Add a tiny bit more oil, then add spinach to mushrooms and saute 2-3 minutes, until spinach has wilted quite a bit.

While spinach is wilting, beat eggs well.
Sprinkle cheese over wilted spinach/mushroom mixture and let melt about 1 minute.
Then pour eggs over, using a fork to separate the veggies so egg runs down between vegetable pieces. (You can sprinkle a tiny bit more cheese over the eggs if desired.)
Cover pan with lid, reduce heat to very low and cook about 20-25 minutes, or until eggs are nearly set but still slightly soft in spots.

Remove lid and put frittata under the broiler for 3-5 minutes (depending on how close to the heat you have it) until the top is nicely browned and eggs are set. Let cool about 2 minutes, then slice like a pie into six pieces. Serve hot.

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As both a vendor and a member, I've found Fair Shares to be a wonderful organization to be a part of. It has opened my eyes to a whole range of farmers/producers in the region that I may never have had the opportunity to come in contact with if it weren't for my involvement with Fair Shares. And you folks all rock!

Josh Allen, Companion Bread, St. Louis MO
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