Match Made in Heaven

I was unsure of how the leftover coconut milk would pair with the goat cheese ravioli, butternut squash, roasted garlic, onions and mushrooms.

I thought the ravs might prefer a simple roasted garlic and olive oil treatment, perhaps with a bit of sage or rosemary. But coconut milk and butternut squash are a favorite combination of mine, and we'd already started it, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and toss the whole mess together. Suffice it to say, the angels did sing. 

Goat cheese ravioli
1 butternut squash
1 bag (~1/2 lb.) shiitake mushrooms
1-1/2 c. coconut milk
1 head roasted garlic


Cook the butternut squash and mash the flesh, (or use a jar). Set aside while you prepare your mushrooms (remove the stems and rinse lightly). Sauté mushrooms in a little olive oil and add the butternut squash, roasted garlic and coconut milk. Stir well and heat through. Cook the ravioli, removing as soon as they are done, and add to the squash mixture. Toss to coat and serve immediately. Feel free to add some cooked chicken, tofu or tempeh if you want to include a bit of protein. Sooo good.

Tip: How to de-cob your corn

All you need is a deep bowl or pot and a sharp knife to make cutting your corn off the cob a breeze. Of course, a shallow bowl or plate is an option if you like cleaning up bits of corn kernal and a spray of corn juice (really, corn juice?). First husk the corn and brush off all the silks. cornsilks.jpg Hold the...Read more


Del Carmen has been a vendor for Fair Shares since 2009. We have developed a quality relationship based on trust. Our communications have been seamless. In addition, Fair Shares and its members have been great marketers for our products.  As a (very) small business, we are unable to advertise or market our products, so we have to rely on word of mouth.  Many of our customers are, were, or know Fair Shares members who have recommended our products.

Del Carmen has also benefitted from valuable ideas for use of existing products and suggestions in product development from the Fair Shares community.  I go to them for feedback, knowing I will get good, reliable and useful information.

We thank you, Fair Shares, for your support and commitment to del Carmen. We wish you much continued success.  After all, your success also helps the success of del Carmen and other local vendors and farmers.

Estie Cruz-Curoe, del Carmen Beans, St. Louis, MO