Green Salad with Strawberries and Lemon Balm Dressing

Salads with fresh seasonal fruit and nuts make springtime such a joy, and this homemade salad dressing says "I love you" (even if you're just talking to yourself, because who are we really kidding here? I'm cooking for me--if you happen to be here and get some of my leftovers, well, lucky you...). 


The amounts listed here are vague because I don't ever measure anything (that's why I'm not much of a baker). 


1 share lettuce (1/2 lb.), washed
1 share arugula (1/4 lb.), washed
1 pt. strawberries, washed and sliced
2-3 T. chopped pecans or almonds, raw or dry toasted
Fresh chevre crumbles


1 sprig lemon balm leaves, rinsed
chive leaves, rinsed
2-3 T. shiitake soy sauce
2-3 T. balsamic vinegar
1-2 T. olive oil
1/2 - 1 t. honey (optional)
pinch of anise seed (my secret ingredient)
sprinkle of garlic powder

Chop the balm and chives together and place in a small bowl. 

Add remaining dressing ingredients and whisk together. Set aside.

Place lettuce and arugula a large bowl and use kitchen shears to cut into bite sized pieces. This is a great way to get through lots of lettuce so it takes up less space in the bowl.


If you are making salad for the week, only chop up what you will be eating right now, and assemble salads just before eating. Add strawberries and sprinkle over the pecans. Pour over the salad dressing and a small sprinkle of chevre, saving most for the individual servings.

Use tongs to mix the salad, tossing to coat entirely with the dressing. Serve immediately, adding chevre on the plate. 

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As both a vendor and a member, I've found Fair Shares to be a wonderful organization to be a part of. It has opened my eyes to a whole range of farmers/producers in the region that I may never have had the opportunity to come in contact with if it weren't for my involvement with Fair Shares. And you folks all rock!

- Josh Allen

Josh Allen, Companion Bread, St. Louis MO
Companion Bakery