Program Overview

The goal of Fair Shares as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is to connect local producers to local consumers, creating a commitment that is based on mutual support. The members are supporting the farmer by guaranteeing a market for the food they grow, and the farmer supplies the member with fresh, local and seasonally-grown and raised food. 

For more information on CSA, see our FAQ: What is CSA versus CCSA?

The Basics

Membership is on a rolling basis and although our season includes 48 weekly shares (Half-share members come on alternating weeks for 24 shares), members can join any time during the season. Once you become a Fair Shares member you will be assigned a specific pickup group at your preferred site.

Although we are unable to offer specifically vegetarian or gluten-free shares, we allow members to trade non-produce items in the share for other items of equal (or greater) value to fit their personal dietary restrictions and preferences.

What's In a Share?

Each week our members will receive $50 of local, fresh, and sustainably-produced food from our farmers and artisans (Half shares come on alternate weeks; Mini and Delivered-to-the-workplace Shares are $35 shares). Produce varies with the seasons, and each share includes a variety of meats, dairy products, baked goods, coffee, chocolates and/or canned goods depending on the season.
More About Shares

Pickup Sites

Our pickup days are Wednesdays at the following pickup sites:

  • Fair Shares (our main distribution site and the best option for time and variety) – I-44 and Kingshighway in the city, 3:30-7:00 p.m
  • U City – Trinity Presbyterian Church at Washington Ave. and Kingsland, 4:30-6:00  

and Thursdays at the following pickup sites: 

  • Fair Shares (our main distribution site and the best option for time and variety) – I-44 and Kingshighway in the city, 3:30-7:00 p.m
  • Kirkwood – Kirkwood Station Brewing at the corner of Jefferson and Kirkwood Roads, 4:15-6:00

We also offer Fair Shares Delivered to the Workplace.
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Plans and Pricing

Unlike a typical CSA, where payment for the season is due up front in one lump sum, we offer a rolling membership with a variety of payment plans.
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We offer a Two-week trial membership. Details here.

We offer Gift Memberships! Just let us know the amount of money or the number of weekly shares you would like to purchase and we can work out the details. Email for more here.

Rules & Policies

What happens if you miss a pickup or need to cancel your membership?
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Yellow Dog Farms is a successful small farm in a large part due to Sara and Jamie at Fair Shares CCSA. They were willing to take a chance on a budding (pun intended) first generation Farmer. We were not a supplier to Fair Shares the very first year, but have been ever since and hopefully far into our shared futures.

I am proud to be a supplier and you should be proud to be a member of Fair Shares CCSA where we are all involved in growing and eating better quality, healthy food and supporting small, local businesses and small scale agriculture in Missouri and Illinois.

Yellow Dog Farms