Welcome to Week 22

We look forward to seeing all full-share, mini-share, EVEN-week half-share and Delivered-share members tomorrow and Thursday.

Please mark your calendars for our annual late-September sanity break. There will be no pickups or deliveries on Week 26, September 28 and 29. That is an even-week pickup, in four weeks. 





Overages Due

We're emailing invoices this week for those of you who have balances over $40 on your account. Please bring a check for your overage amount, or pay online here. You may pay cash only if you have exact change, please.

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PICKUP GROUP IN YOUR EMAIL FOR TRADES AND ORDERS! We have over 400 members in all these groups: FSA, FSB, FSC, FSD, FSE, FSM-W, FSM-T, UCA, UCB, UCM, KWA, KWB, KWM, Del-Chris, Del-BJC, Del-NC, Del-TCS, Del-TR, Del-Hope, Del-Jeff, Del-BH, Del-Mercy, Del-Arc, Del-Fed. We can look you up, but it sure will save us time. Thanks!

Delivered Share Members: Please read our Updated Bag Policy below.
We have added a new delivery site and need to have orders in by 9:30 on Thursday!

Check for the video describing this week's Delivered share here on our Fair Shares YouTube Channel by mid morning Thursday.

Trades and Additional Purchases

Remember, fresh produce IS NOT tradable, but you're welcome to order extra.

Please read the rules of trading and how we like to receive your trades and orders on the Trades and Orders page of our website (note you must be logged in to access this page).

Place orders by noon (Delivered-share members, please email by 9:30a.m. Thursday, but if you wait until after noon on Wednesday, check the Wednesday evening newsletter for the updated produce list) to orders@fairshares.org -- you can just reply to this email.

Be sure to include your account name--which is your name and pickup group, so we know where to send the food! (New members, check the reply email we sent when you joined to find your account name: Re: Receipt - Join as a New Member)

Grill it! 

8 oz. Ribeyes and NY Strips. Mix and Match: 1 for $12.50 (regular $13)  -  2 for $24 ($12 each)  -  4 for $44 ($11 each)  -  6 for $ 60 ($10 each)  -  8 for $72 ($9 each)

Labor Day Grilling! 8 oz. Sirloins: 1 for $7.50  -  2 for $14 ($7 each) -  4 for $26 (6.50 each)  -  6 for $36 ($6.00 each)  -  8 for $44 ($5.50 each) 

Local Charcoal: Did you know that we have hardwood charcoal from Missouri? It is really great and perfect for summer barbecues. 10lb. for $9.50.

Kitchen Kulture Yummy Prepared Foods
Made with local produce!

Vegetable Green Curry: $10
White Truffle Polenta: $10.75
Curried Okra Masala: $10.75
Green Tomato Chutney: $7.50. Serve with Salame or summer sausage (or any sausage for that matter!)
Strawberry Tamarind Salad Dressing: $7.50



The produce sort of fell off this week, so a lot of what I'd hoped would be available isn't.

Figs: $7.00. Limited. We worked out the pricing issue, and figs are back to $7 this week, yay!
Gala apples: $2/5. These are certified organic apples from Blue Heron Orchard. The share quantity may vary based on size.

Watermelon: $6.50/ea. Seeded (we think, which taste better anyway!).

Cantaloupe, Canary and Honeydew Melons?: $6.50 ea. Not even sure what we might get in, but I've had to order in from Eat Here St. Louis because we were so short on melons, and the price is a bit higher, but these should all be good size.

Seedless Mars Grapes: $4/lb. These are red and are often compared to Concords in flavor and usage, but seedless.

Kale: $2.75/bu. Limited.
Last week's corn: 4/$1--what a deal! I'm still eating last week's corn and it's delicious, and if you're going to cook it anyway (as in the Street Corn recipe below) it'll be perfect!

Beets: $2.75/lb. Candy striped and topless (woo woo!)
Okra: $3.00/.75lb.Limited

Spaghetti Squash: S: $3.25, M: $3.50, L: $3.75. We are so happy to have spaghetti squash back so we can eat in bulk, guilt free!
"Butterkin" Butternut Squash: $2.75/ea. Limited.

Jalapenos: $1.00/4.
Poblanos: $2/4. Yay, poblanos, the peppers that beg to be stuffed with rice and cheese and baked to perfection!
Green Peppers: $1/ea. Limited.

Red or white potatoes: $3.50/2lb. We had a bit of a deal on potatoes before our regular growers had them available, so they are back to their regular price.

Red, white or yellow onions: $2/lb. Order one color, or a mix. (orange you glad I didn't say potato?)

Garlic: S: $.50, M: $1.00, L: $1.50, XL $2.00, XXL $2.50. We'll see how long this extensive breakdown lasts.

Ozark Forest Shiitake Mushrooms: $7.00. 


The sweet corn this year is so delicious eaten just raw, naked, right off the cob, so when you dress it up in this rich, decadent outfit, it really turns heads.Read more
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With eggplant and basil in high season, and peppers finally starting to come in strong, this recipe from the MACSAC cookbook From Asparagus to Zucchini is perfect for an easy summer supper.Read more
Josh Galiano at Companion Baking gave us this recipe for the delicious sandwich bread they created a few years ago, made with the stellar Bloody Butcher Heirloom Cornmeal that we've been putting in a few of the shares. The texture is not corn-bready at all, since the cornmeal is cooked into a porridge, giving a denser, moist loaf with wonderful flavor.Read more
T’is the season to be grillin’, fa la la la la, la la la la (go ahead, count ‘em, they’re all there). Get the heat out of the kitchen and do all the cooking on the grill. Check out this cool marinade for flank or skirt steaks.Read more
Note that we didn't get in all the quantities of produce we were hoping for, so we may be offering choices in some of the shares. Sorry if you don't get what you were hoping for in your shares.

5/22 & 23/2019

Circle B Pork Chops ($11)
Prairie Fruits Angel Food Cheese ($5)
Marina's Marinara Sauce or Mast Applesauce ($5.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
Midwest Pasta Spinach & Egg Fettucini  ($6.50)
Veggie Wildcard
EarthDance Head Lettuce
Biver Bok Choy
Yoder Farms Strawberries

5/22 & 23/2019

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Bean Choice ($5.75)
Cool Cow Cheese ($8)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Mr. Meowski Sourdough ($6)
Bee Simple Shoots
Kopmann Lettuce Mix
Yoder Zucchini
Yoder Farms Strawberries

5/22 & 23/2019
2. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Marcoot Cheese ($4.50)
Buttonwood/Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Companion Frozen Bread Choice ($3.50)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Biver Head Lettuce
Greens Choice (chard, kale, bok choy)
EarthDance/Kopmann Veggie Choice (scallion or radish)
Yoder Farms Strawberries

5/22 & 23/2019

D&M Lamb Gyro Meat ($10.75)
Buttonwood/Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Pasta WW & Egg Fusilli ($6.50)
St. Isidore Head Lettuce x 2
Biver Collards
Yoder Farms Strawberries

1. Delivered

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Beans Choice ($5.75)
Companion Pain Beaucaire Rolls ($3.50)
Bee Simple Shoots
Kopmann Lettuce Mix
EarthDance Swiss Chard
Yoder Farms Strawberries