Welcome to Fair Shares Week 38!

We'll see all Full-share, Mini-share, Delivered-share and EVEN-week Half-share members on Wednesday and Thursday.

December Holiday Schedule

Did you receive the email we sent on Sunday?

Christmas and New Years Day are on Wednesdays this year. In an attempt to avoid serious cash-flow issues, we will open one day each of those weeks and ask members to come in and spend value of the shares they will miss during our weeks off. Think of it like a shopping spree--you get to pick out whatever you want and come to the Mothership to pick it up and have some snacks and a drink with us while you do! Food makes a great gift, so please help us and our farmers by spending your hard-earned money on local food for friends and family. We would be happy to print out a gift certificate for a trial share and/or put together a gift bag of Fair Shares goodies.

If you want to spend your share value this week or the week after the break, that is okay by us, but you'll need to alert us that you're doing it. Note the article below on Giving the Gift of Food. We plan to open from 3:30 to 7:00p.m. on Friday the 27th and Thursday, January 2nd for Happy Hour Shopping Days, and we'll offer snacks and bevvies to enjoy while you shop and visit. 

Standing Milk Orders
Email jamie@fairshares.org to let her know if you want your regular milk order, or a special order for the week of New Year's. You can come get it on January 2nd at the Happy Hour Shopping Day.

Old Heritage Creamery Buttermilk
We have a new source for organic buttermilk (and goat milk, but they sold out this week) from Old Heritage Creamery in Arcola, IL, and have purchased some for this week. Be sure to order it from the online store!
• Buttermilk: $5/qt.


Trades and Orders

New Ordering Deadlines

We won't change the online store hours until the first of the year to give everyone a chance to read this and adjust to the new timeframe, but we are now asking ALL MEMBERS to place online orders by Wednesday at 11a.m.

Please do not add items to your cart until your tradable share items have been added. Note that the share clipboards in the newsletter will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart because it will not be added back to your account. If you are trading for meat or fish that is priced per pound, you may want to email (reply to this email) to let us know your intention, e.g. whether you are trying to trade close to even, or whether you are looking for three packages of boneless thighs versus three pounds of boneless thighs. With the variability of package sizes and the limitations of the online store listing, sometimes it's helpful to avoid big surprises when we have to guess.

If you order before receiving the newsletter, you may see a discrepancy in pricing or availability because we don't send the newsletter until we've updated the store.

Login to your account to swap items from your cart and add extras. Remember you can customize your cheese, yogurt, gyro, Del Carmen, Wildcard$ and other choices by switching these items to your preferred choices in your cart. 

KIRKWOOD MEMBERS: Please remember - we request the THIRD to last person text us the names on the remaining bags when you pick up. If you are one of the last two people, you may be appreciative of the reminder to fetch your food. We also need the last bag pickup member to let us know everyone has picked up. Lindy's phone number is on the clipboard. Thanks! 

If you are unable to make it to one of our Happy Hour Shopping Days, have a safe and happy holiday and we'll see you next year!

Give the Gift of Food

Help your friends and loved ones start the New Year off right with a bundle of healthy, happy, local food from Fair Shares farmers and producers. Give a gift certificate for a one-week Mini share: $38, or a two week for $75, tax included. Best of all, we'll just put it on your account. Boom, your shopping is done (perfect for you last minute shoppers)!Read more
If you haven't yet tried the Del Carmen Cuban Mojo, here is a delicious preparation using chicken meat, but you can use it with salmon, tofu, pork chops or any ground meat.Read more
It's the perfect time of year for this sort of rich, spicy dish. The aromas are positively intoxicating. I'm sure those of you smarty pants with an instant pot will adjust the recipe accordingly and have dinner ready before the rest of us. Enjoy!Read more

Roasting a Chicken...and Creating a Stock

Roast a Chicken and Make Delicious Homemade Stock To roast a chicken, pre-heat the oven to 400F. Rinse and pat the bird dry, then rub with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stuff a bunch of herbs in the cavity (along with the neck and other parts that are in there--they add flavor and nutrients) and throw it in the oven for an hour to an hour and a half, turning after about 40 minutes so top and bottom get golden brown and the meat is falling off the bone. Eat what you want, remove the meat from... Read more
This is like a pie on steroids, with a delicious flaky crust; and it's impressive to look at.Read more
Friday, March 13th, 3:00 to 6:00p.m. We encourage everyone to stock up for our three weeks off, but we'd also love for you to come shop halfway through our break!Read more

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


Anton's Ground Beef ($6.75)
Del Carmen Black Beans Choice ($6)
Eggs ($4.75)
Nolte Bread n Butter or Hot Sweet Dill Pickles ($7)
Companion Multigrain Bread ($7)
Marcoot Cheese Choice ($4.50)
Lettuce - Mix
Spaghetti Squash - XS

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

3. Trial Full Share

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Companion Seedy Wheaty ($4)
Cheese Choice ($6.25)

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


D&M Feta and Spinach Lamb Gyro ($12)
Yogurt - Plain Greek ($4)
Cham Zaatar (or Pita) Bread ($2.50)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)
Lettuce - Mix
Watermelon Radishes

Order by 11:30 Wednesday

3. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb 

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($13.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)   
Nolte Canned Choice ($6)
Lettuce - Mix

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


Buttonwood Apple Cinnamon Chicken Sausage ($9)
Eggs ($4.75)
Bragadoccio Popcorn Cornmeal ($4.50)
Yogurt - Regular Vanilla ($3.75)
Granola Choice - Apricot or Cranberry
Lettuce - Mix