Welcome to Fair Shares Week 3!

We'll see all Full-share, Mini-share, Delivered-share and ODD-week Half-share members on Wednesday and Thursday.

Notes on Trades and Orders
Please do not add items to your cart until your tradable share items have been added. Note that the share clipboards in the newsletter will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart because it will not be added back to our account. If you are trading for meat or fish that is priced per pound, you may want to email (reply to this email) to let us know your intention, e.g. whether you are trying to trade close to even, or whether you are looking for three packages of boneless thighs versus three pounds of boneless thighs. With the variability of package sizes and the limitations of the online store listing, sometimes it's helpful to avoid big surprises when we have to guess.

Login to your account to swap items from your cart and add extras.

Fair Shares Mothership and UCity Pickup Members: The online store closes at 11am on the day of your pickup.

Kirkwood and Delivered Share Members: You have until 9:00 on Thursday morning to place orders. Remember to swap out the "choice" items in your cart if you have a preference, e.g. Del Carmen variety, vanilla regular vs. plain Greek yogurt, regular gyro meat vs. spinach and feta gyro, oyster vs. shiitake or mushroom mix, when available.


Happy Passover and Happy Easter
Sorry if we don't have what you're looking for -- I thought I had another week!

If your Seder dinner is going to include a delicious grass-fed beef brisket, we have 3 whole and three halves available in the store.
Briskets: $8.75/lb. Half briskets average 3-4 pounds. Whole briskets average 7-8 pounds.

If you celebrate Easter Brunch with a delectable ham, we have one happier ham roast from Blind Star at 5.7lb. for $12/lb, 
We asked Geisert for a couple of Boneless Half Hams: $8/lb. Average 5-6 pounds. We haven't heard back from him, and he doesn't deliver until Thursday, but let us know if you're interested.


As you may have noticed, the produce seems to have slowed down since our rocketing out of the gate on the first week. Have no fear, there is more to come--and soon! We pretty well cleaned out the first planting of lettuce, spinach and radishes for our early season farmers, but more is coming soon, including asparagus in a week or two and strawberries in about three weeks. 

In the meantime, we can busy ourselves with thoughts of what our own gardens will include this year. We're starting out with a farmer's choice on Biver's organic potted herbs and vegetables this week, just to give us some ideas on what is available. We will be ordering all your requests in the coming weeks, so get on out in the garden and start prepping! We'll have a clipboard available for you to write your plant orders. Most plants will be $2.50 per pot, though some items may be grown in larger, multi-pack starters with different pricing.

Cheers, and happy Spring!

Sara, Jamie and Lindy


We love working with Kitchen Kulture, who you might recognize from the local farmers' markets, or their brick and mortar restaurant, Kounter Kulture. They use local farm ingredients to create delicious prepared foods that include ready-to-eat salads, hummus, pestos, salad dressings, and other meals that you can defrost, heat and eat. Check out what's available this week!Read more

How to Prep Cooking Greens

Prepping your greens can seem like a chore if you don't have a good system. Try this method for kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach, etc. and you'll find that it's easy eating greens! 1. De-stem the greens by grasping the stem in one hand and the bottom of the leaf where it meets the stem in the other. Holding the leaf with the back facing you, carefully pull the leaf away from the stem toward the front of the leaf with your thumb and forefinger on either side of the stem. Then lightly squeeze the leaf around the stem and... Read more

Kitchen Tips

Here's a quick rundown of how to use some of the items we give in the shares. If any items in your share that aren't listed here have you baffled, just ask! Plus remember that we have an excellent resource in our fellow members! Share your recipes and kitchen tips or questions with each other in our Fair Shares Facebook Group.Read more

Clean Greens

The greens we get (particularly some of the winter spinach) can be pretty dirty. Sometimes they're pristinely clean, but still, we suggest you always wash your food! Give it an initial rinse and then remove the stems and soak the leaves in plenty of clean water. I use my salad spinner, placing the leaves in the basket and filling the bowl with water. This allows me to soak it for a bit to allow the dirt to soften and dissolve, agitate the greens, and then let the dirt settle to the bottom. Then I lift out the basket and repeat... Read more
Please note some of the clipboards below have changed location and the list you're used to looking at may be in a different location!


Pork Choice ($6.75)
Grains Choice ($4.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt ($3.75)
Biver Fresh Thyme
Biver Arugula -4oz
St. Isidore Mexican Sour Gherkins
Biver Okra - 12oz
Kopmann Banana Peppers - 3
Biver Hot Peppers Jalapeno-3 and Serrano-3
St. Isidore, Biver Heirloom Toms - 1.5lb.
Schwartz Apples


Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Choice ($5.75)
Buttonwood/DryDock Eggs ($4.75)
Companion Seedy Wheaty Bread ($3.50)
Kopmann Hot Hungarian Wax Peppers - 5
Kopmann Pepper Mix Green Bell - 2, 1 Carmen, 1Aruba
Biver Tomatillos (.75lb)
Girod Green Beans
EarthDance Scallions
MO Wild Edibles Paw Paws
Ivan's Figs

2. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Circle B P. Chops ($11) gyro, t-loin, cutlet, p chop
Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)
Buttonwood/DryDock Eggs ($4.75)
Kopmann Eggplant 
Wildcard Veggie
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
Biver Slicing Tomatoes 1.5lb
Schwartz Apples

3. MINI 

Buttonwood Ground Turkey ($8)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
EarthDance or St. Isidore Cucumbers - 2
EarthDance Lunchbox or Shishito or Bell Peppers
Biver Bok Choy or St. Isidore Savoy Cabbage
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
MO Wild Edibles Paw Paws -9oz
Schwartz Apples

2. Delivered

Buttonwood Turkey ($8)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
EarthDance or St. Isidore Cucumbers - 2
EarthDance Lunchbox or Shishito or Bell Peppers
Biver Bok Choy
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
MO Wild Edibles Paw Paws -9oz
Schwartz Apples