Even if you can't take the time to read this immediately, there are changes you need to know about, so come back to it. This is how we keep you up to date.

Hi Fair Shares Members!

We are working on making Fair Shares more viable and sustainable. With our new system allowing members to put their shares on hold, cash flow is becoming a challenge, and we do not want our farmers to suffer when we are unable to pay them on delivery. With the number of members decreasing while our rent and other costs continue to increase, we’re struggling to make ends meet. We’ve not really raised the price of shares in 12 years, therefore all shares are going up $1 across the board effective immediately. Thanks for understanding.

We also would like to note that we are so appreciative of the generosity many of you show--whether in clicking the donation items in the online store or offering your share to friends and family when you take vacation--every little bit is really helpful to us.

Our program is ridiculously complicated and we are in dire need of simplification from an administrative and organizational perspective. Some things will take evaluation and evolution, but we have a few things we’re implementing immediately and over the next few weeks.

Although some of you may have preferences, we have found that, generally, most of our members are not particular about whose farm all the share items come from. Everyone knows that we’ve vetted our farmers and producers, so all we offer are superior products. Therefore, we will begin simplifying the following:

1. For like produce that comes from various farms, e.g. squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale or arugula, we will stop specifying whose is going into each share. This will enormously simplify things on our end.

2. For meat items, we try to select one farmer for each product, but when something isn't available, we order it from another farmer (e.g. bacon, pork chops, breakfast sausage, bratwurst). We like all of it and are confident you will too. In order to reduce our overall inventory, as well as the time it takes to stock, count shares, dig for orders, and count inventory, and then keep the store updated, we will no longer stock the same items from multiple producers and will begin listing those items generically in the online store as “All Fair Shares Producers.” As much as we like being everyone's personal shopper, the degree to which we can meet everyone's preferences has limitations. Those who pick up at the Mothership will have more ability to customize since you can get it yourself.
3. Eggs in the share are listed without the farm name. If you have a preference, you may still order either Dry Dock or Buttonwood eggs.
Blind Star is no longer producing their Happier Eggs for us. If you had a standing order and would like to switch to the Buttonwood/Dry Dock eggs, please let us know.

Thanks for reading!



Welcome to Fair Shares Week 29!

We'll see all Full-share, Mini-share, Delivered-share and ODD-week Half-share members on Wednesday and Thursday.

Notes on Trades and Orders

Please do not add items to your cart until your tradable share items have been added. Note that the share clipboards in the newsletter will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart because it will not be added back to your account. If you are trading for meat or fish that is priced per pound, you may want to email (reply to this email) to let us know your intention, e.g. whether you are trying to trade close to even, or whether you are looking for three packages of boneless thighs versus three pounds of boneless thighs. With the variability of package sizes and the limitations of the online store listing, sometimes it's helpful to avoid big surprises when we have to guess.

If you order before receiving the newsletter, you may see a discrepancy in pricing or availability because we don't send the newsletter until we've updated the store.

Login to your account to swap items from your cart and add extras. Remember you can customize your cheese, yogurt, gyro, Del Carmen, Wildcard$ and other choices by switching these items to your preferred choices in your cart. 

Fair Shares Mothership and UCity Pickup Members: The online store closes at 11am on the day of your pickup, so be sure to login and make your trades before then.

Kirkwood and Delivered Share Members: You have until 9:00 on Thursday morning to place orders. Keep in mind that Wednesday pickups and on-site purchases might make the quantity available in the store 

KIRKWOOD MEMBERS: Please note - we request the THIRD to last person text us when you pick up. If you are one of the last two people, you may be appreciative of the reminder to fetch your food. Thanks!


Limited availability this week, but we'll get more in next week, so this is more of a teaser to get you excited and looking up recipes. This herb just hollers Thai and Vietnamese cuisine to me.Read more
I just enjoyed a big fat apple while adding this recipe into the newsletter. I would have enjoyed it even more if it had been a dish of this instead.Read more
This recipe can be used with any kind of squash, either summer or winter, and the stuffing you use can be seasonal and varied as well. Be creative, and be brave--it'll be delicious! The photo is a white patty pan squash from a few years ago. With some winter squash, the skin may be edible. The stuffing was a combination of leftovers for a few meals and fresh stuff added to it. So delicious, we can't wait to do it again.Read more
​I adapted this recipe from one that called for rice, tomatoes and leftover roasted chicken, versus polenta, tomatillos and ground chicken. You can also make this vegetarian, and feel free to substitute any way you wish. I love poblanos because they pack a little bit of heat and a lot of flavor without rendering your lips numb, like jalapenos tend to do. Although, I do often stuff both jalapenos and poblanos to eat at the same meal, so I guess I kind of like that numb lip thing (no it doesn't shut her up).Read more
Charter member extraordinaire Joanne McAndrews has shared another winning recipe she found with us. Perfect for all those winter squash in your fridge that are threatening to exile to the compost heap...Read more
This dish seems to get better as it sits. Save the ramen noodles to throw in just a little before serving so they still have some crunch.Read more

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


Anton's Ground Beef ($6.75)
Del Carmen Black Beans Choice ($6)
Eggs ($4.75)
Nolte Bread n Butter or Hot Sweet Dill Pickles ($7)
Companion Multigrain Bread ($7)
Marcoot Cheese Choice ($4.50)
Lettuce - Mix
Spaghetti Squash - XS

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

3. Trial Full Share

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Companion Seedy Wheaty ($4)
Cheese Choice ($6.25)

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


D&M Feta and Spinach Lamb Gyro ($12)
Yogurt - Plain Greek ($4)
Cham Zaatar (or Pita) Bread ($2.50)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)
Lettuce - Mix
Watermelon Radishes

Order by 11:30 Wednesday

3. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb 

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($13.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)   
Nolte Canned Choice ($6)
Lettuce - Mix

Order by 11:30 Wednesday


Buttonwood Apple Cinnamon Chicken Sausage ($9)
Eggs ($4.75)
Bragadoccio Popcorn Cornmeal ($4.50)
Yogurt - Regular Vanilla ($3.75)
Granola Choice - Apricot or Cranberry
Lettuce - Mix