Welcome to Fair Shares Week 2!

Thanks to our returning members and welcome to our new members. This newsletter has a lot of info that we want returning members to skim, and new members to read thoroughly. It will help us not have to repeat ourselves. It will help us not have to repeat ourselves.

We'll see all Full-share, Mini-share, Delivered-share and EVEN-week Half-share members on Wednesday and Thursday.

Read the Weekly Emails
These weekly newsletters are how we communicate important information to you!
At least browse the first few paragraphs to see if there is anything critical you need to know (they will be MUCH shorter than this one). We know who reads the newsletters (and who doesn't!) by the questions we hear at pickups. It's okay, we know there isn't always time between the posting of the newsletter and the time of pickup, but be sure to take a peek so you don't miss an important message that we may have included for weeks on end, like our September break, the wacky Thanksgiving week schedule, or the end of the season! We also include recipes, tips, blog posts and the share lists each week.

Notes on Trades and Orders
We fill the carts in Farmigo on Tuesday afternoons. Then we try to get the store updated before we send the newsletters. Note that the share clipboards in the newsletter will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart because it will not be added back to our account. If you are trading for meat or fish that is priced per pound, you may want to email (reply to this email) to let us know your intention, e.g. whether you are trying to trade close to even, or whether you are looking for three packages of boneless thighs versus three pounds of boneless thighs. With the variability of package sizes and the limitations of the online store listing, sometimes it's helpful to avoid big surprises when we have to guess.

Fair Shares Mothership and UCity Pickup Members: The online store closes at 11am on the day of your pickup because it takes us that long to create the reports, gather the orders and get all set up for pickups. If you miss the opportunity to make trades within your account, or if you prefer to just browse availability when you come in, you can do so at your pickup.

Kirkwood and Delivered Share Members: You have until 9:00 on Thursday morning to place orders. Note you do not have an opportunity to make trades at your delivery site, so online is your only option, and thus, we encourage you to visit the Mothership so you can acquaint yourself with what is available.

Kirkwood and Delivered Share Members: Remember to swap out the "choice" items in your cart if you have a preference, e.g. Del Carmen variety, vanilla regular vs. plain Greek yogurt, regular gyro meat vs. spinach and feta gyro, oyster vs. shiitake or mushroom mix, when available.

Winter Squash

Nolte has a tote of winter squash left, so we agreed to take it, seeing as how we forgot it was still in the store last week, and you all were ordering it. It isn't arriving until Wednesday, so we're unsure of quantities and varieties available. We'll enter it in the store as spaghetti squash or winter squash, but according to the photo he sent, he has mostly buttercup and a few butternuts. If you are not picking up at Fair Shares and are specific about buttercup vs. butternut, email us, and let us know if you don't want us to send the other if we are out of your first choice.

Seasonal Breaks
We take a couple of breaks during the season. One in September and one during the year-end holidays--and this year Independence Day falls on a Thursday, so we'll be taking that off as well. We put your shares on hold for these weeks so your account won't be charged. We encourage you to purchase additional food for the week off. This info will be posted in the newsletter as we get closer to the breaks.

Answer your burning questions about the newsletter schedule and other topics of intrigue here on our FAQ page. Even if you don't read all the FAQs now, take a look at the topics in case you have questions later, such as how to add emails to your account, or what to do if you can't make your pickup. The FAQ is located under the Basics tab on the website, in case you need to look it up.

ODD- Versus EVEN-Week Half Shares

Half shares pick up on alternating weeks, so it's important to know whether you are an ODD- or EVEN-week half-share member. Equally important is knowing what this means:

- ODD or EVEN has nothing to do with the date or the weeks in the month, only the week number in our season. We start at Week 1 and count up to 48, including the weeks we're on break.
- The ODD members pick up on the odd-numbered weeks of our 48-week season, Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.
- The EVEN members pick up on the even-numbered weeks of our season, Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.
- We always include the Week number in the email subject and at the top of each weekly newsletter for reference because we take a couple of breaks in the season and that throws people off.

Please know your ODD versus EVEN status and pay attention to the week number at the top of the newsletter. You can let us know if you need to switch a week here or there, and you are welcome to shop on your off weeks. If you'd like to order through the online store and pick up on your off weeks, let us know so we can adjust your account settings to allow it.

Sara, Jamie and Lindy



There is a learning curve to eating locally and seasonally, so give yourself and your family the time to figure it out. It's worth learning because it can save you time and money, make you a more creative cook, and teach you to appreciate your food more as you savor the delicious quality of produce at it's peak of flavor when it's in season. MiniShare.adj_.jpg As I look at recipes, I automatically adjust them according to what is in my refrigerator and cupboard. I've learned to cook according to what I have available. As you learn to assess what you... Read more

Trial Membership

Tell your friends who are on the fence about joining Fair Shares that we offer a two-week trial membership. We appreciate the opportunity to help potential members understand what to expect, and how to make the most of being part of our program. You can also bring a friend along to your Fair Shares Mothership pickup any time--we can usually accommodate a walk-in trial share.Read more
It's Easy Being Green! Make every day Earth Day. We reuse and recycle and need your help! Not only are we helping the earth by recycling, we're helping our farmers and producers save money on packaging materials. Please note, we have new guidelines on what we will and won't take back.Read more

Member Testimonials: Why Join Fair Shares CCSA?

Fair Shares has created a community of happy eaters who care about and appreciate their food--how it tastes, who grows it, and who aggregates it. We have a Facebook group in which our members share ideas and recipes on how to use the food in the shares. We include recipes and tips in each weekly newsletter, and love chatting with members during pickups to help them feel confident when trying new foods. Our members are amazing, smart, professional, creative, witty and wise people who we are honored to call friends and acquaintances--we even host happy hours so we get to visit and say thanks...Read more
Don't make a trip to the grocery store; pick up your milk when you get your food from Fair Shares! You can set up a standing weekly or bi-weekly order so that we will be sure to have your milk for you (you may cancel at anytime). Feel free to place a one-time order to see how you like it.Read more
We love working with Kitchen Kulture, who you might recognize from the local farmers' markets, or their brick and mortar restaurant, Kounter Kulture. They use local farm ingredients to create delicious prepared foods that include ready-to-eat salads, hummus, pestos, salad dressings, and other meals that you can defrost, heat and eat. Check out what's available this week!Read more

Order by 11:00 Wednesday


Meramec Bison ($12)
Yogurt Plain Greek ($4)
Cham Zaatar (or Pita) Bread ($2.50)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)
Companion Granola ($5.50)

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

3. Trial Full Share

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Companion Seedy Wheaty ($4)
Cheese Choice ($6.25)

Order by 10:30 Wednesday

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($13.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Ludwig Cheese Choice ($6.25)
Nolte Canned Choice Peppers or Relish ($6)
Kale or lettuce

Order by 11:00a.m. Wednesday

4. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb 
Raincrow Ranch Beef Stew Meat ($9)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ropp Cheddar Cheese Variety ($6)
Almond or Cashew Butter ($9)
Yogurt - Regular Vanilla ($4)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Spaghetti Squash - S

Order by 11:00 Wednesday


Circle B Italian Sausage ($7)
Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Whole Wheat/Spinach Cresta ($6.50)
Marina's Tomato Sauce ($6)
Lettuce - Mix