Welcome to Week 25!

We'll see all Full Shares, ODD-week Half Shares, Mini Shares and Delivered Shares this week.



Reminder for the End-of-September Sanity Break

Notice Number 5. Mark Your Calendars: There will be NO PICKUPS NEXT WEEK, Week 26, September 26 and 27th! How will you remember? No pickups Wk 26 on the 26th.

We have put all accounts on hold for next week. If you wish to donate your share, you can let us know or feel free to delete the share hold off your account, otherwise the hold is supposed to be there so you are not charged! 

EVEN-week half shares who would normally pick up next week on September 26 and 27, you will not have a pickup until October 10th or 11th. You may come in on your off weeks and shop or take a share during the regular hours. Odd-week half shares pinking up this week won't even know we were gone, except that we will be relaxed and happier when you come in next.

If you all really love us, you will order online and show up before the last half hour of your pickup. Anyone who wants to volunteer for a bit to help get members their food would be welcome (and thanked with food!), so that we can update all the orders in the carts and get on the road before too late Thursday night!

Stock up for your week off, but know that we did not buy extra produce because we will not be around to eat leftovers next week. 

If you request produce, we will sell it from the shares, so expect produce choices in your shares!


BYOB = Bring Your Own Bags. Please put your reusable bags in the trunk of your car so you are prepared should you have to do the pickup unexpectedly (or even expectedly, like you do each or every other week). Although we are thankful to Josh Allen at Companion Baking for supplying an ongoing backup of paper bags for everyone, we think you should all do the right thing and advertise for Fair Shares with the reusable bags we gave you! Josh is the only member exempt from this request. Also, if you borrowed a cloth "guilt bag" at pickup, consider this your guilt trip and bring it back in for the next poor soul who forgot their bags. Thanks!



We have moved the Wednesday members' ordering deadline up an hour to 11:00a.m. because noon isn't giving us enough time to pull the reports, gather and pack all the food and set up for the pickups. Please wait until your weekly share items have been added to your cart before selecting any items from the store. You don't have to wait until the newsletter is sent, but keep in mind that the store updating will not have been completed yet. If the store is closed by the time you check, you may logout to browse the store and send us an email, but we may not see it before you pick up because we often aren't at our computers all afternoon.

If you send in your trades and orders and wish to add on or make changes, you may safely do so without it messing anything up. The final cart content is what shows up on the report we use to pull orders.

We've been struggling to have everything ready for Wednesday pickups to start om time at 3:30, so if you're able, come a little later, or if you arrive early to pickup and we're scrambling to finish setting up, feel free to jump in--we're happy to have our community participate in on our Community Supported Agriculture!

Orders from the Store

Keeping the inventory in the store accurate is extra difficult with our system and schedule, so if we are out of something you request, we may contact you if time allows, or send an alternative option. You can always trade it and select something different from the swap items available at your pickup site (sorry, this option is not available to Delivery to Groups members). If you're looking for something you don't see, just email/ask because we might have it even if it isn't in the store.

Delivered share members must order by 9:00am on your delivery day.
Wednesday pickup members must order by 11 on Wednesday and Thursday
pickup members must order by noon on Thursday.

Login to your Farmigo account to swap out the tradable items in your cart.

More questions? Check here on our FAQ page. The FAQ is located under the Basics tab on the website, in case you need to look it up later.

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These are great in a Bloody Mary, in case you--like me--no longer go to the grocery store to buy celery, and you need more than a pickle spear in your Bloody Mary (or bloody shame, for you teetotalers). This is a refrigerator pickling recipe, so it doesn't require canning equipment.Read more
Besides being a source of vitamins A, C, and K, hot peppers supposedly help burn fat deposits in the body. That alone gets me interested, but did you know that hot peppers are also believed to arrest the growth and division of cancer cells, act as an anti-inflammatory to help in the treatment of migraines, arthritis, and muscular pains, help fight colds, sinusitis, and bronchitis, improve blood circulation, have an anti-coagulant effect, be beneficial for stomach ailments, suppress appetite, combat depression, and in a dried state, kill bacteria and hasten the healing process? Sounds like the next wonder drug, right? Here are some suggestions on how to handle, eat and preserve those hot peppers.Read more
​I adapted this recipe from one that called for rice, tomatoes and leftover roasted chicken, versus polenta, tomatillos and ground chicken. You can also make this vegetarian, and feel free to substitute any way you wish. I love poblanos because they pack a little bit of heat and a lot of flavor without rendering your lips numb, like jalapenos tend to do. Although, I do often stuff both jalapenos and poblanos to eat at the same meal, so I guess I kind of like that numb lip thing (no it doesn't shut her up).Read more
Sometimes the hardest decision of the day is whether to eat the corn on the cob, simply, with nothing but salt and pepper, or to create this completely decadent, utterly fattening, but soooo delicious corn pudding. Once you make it you’re done for–this recipe says it makes 9-12 servings, we say it serves 6-8. Adapted from the Old Pineville Depot Restaurant in Charlotte, NCRead more
This photo is from the stunningly-beautiful, creativity-inspring cookbook Jeruselem, by Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottolenghi, which I highly recommend you race out and buy right now. You can be inspired and let it lead you on your own path.Read more
This recipe is from the fabulous Jerusalem : A Cookbook - By Yotam Ottolenghi‎ . The photos make you immediately want to be preparing (or at least eating) the recipes you're looking at. This is the first recipe I tried from the book, and probably the closest I've come to following a recipe in a good long time.Read more


Circle B Meatballs ($8)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($6.75)
Eastwind Organic Peantu Butter ($6)
Midwest Pasta WW/Egg Tagliatelle ($6.50)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Mr. Meowski's Sourdough ($6)
Marina's Marinara Sauce ($5.50)
EarthDance Swiss Chard or Spinach, or Nolte Lettuce


D&M Gyro Meat ($10.75)
Del Carmen Mojo ($5.75)
Buttonwood Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Pasta Ravioli ($8.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Hilty Tomatoes ($7)
Nolte Lettuce


Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Bean Choice ($5.75)
Buttonwood/Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Ludwig Cheese ($6.25)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Mr. Meowski's Sourdough ($6)
Gringo's Tortilla Chips ($3)
Biver Potted Herb or Veg. ($2.50)
Bee Simple Shoots
Nolte Lettuce

2. MINI $30

Buttonwood Turkey Breakfast Links ($9)
Buttonwood/Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Marcoot Quark Cheese ($4)
Companion Bagels ($4.75)
Centennial Jam ($5)
Biver Potted Herb or Veg. ($2.50)
Stuckmeyer Spinach or Kale

4. Delivered

D&M Gyro Meat ($10.75)
Buttonwood Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Pasta Ravioli ($8.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Stuckmeyer Kale