Welcome to Week 21!

We'll see all Full Shares, ODD-week Half Shares, Mini Shares and Delivered Shares this week.

Announcing the End-of-September Sanity Break

Notice Number 1. Mark Your Calendars: There will be NO PICKUPS on Week 26, September 26 and 27th! How will you remember? No pickups Wk 26 on the 26th.
Although our farmers would love it if we were here to sell their food that week, we really gotta get the heck outta dodge. Really, we'll be much nicer when we come back. We need this break to recharge and save our sanity, though we fear it may be too late.


Please wait until your weekly share items have been added to your cart before selecting any items from the store. You don't have to wait until the newsletter is sent, but keep in mind that the store updating may not have been completed yet. If the store is closed by the time you check (after non on your pickup day), you may logout to browse the store and send us an email, but we may not see it before you pick up because we often aren't at our computers after noon.

 Smaller Fig Shares 
We are continuing with the half-size fig shares that will cost $3.75 rather than $7 (we are requiring him to use more packaging, so we gave him the extra quarter). For those of you who are big fig fans, we are requesting a few full size shares for the original $7 if you would like to order those. If you want us to save you a box each week, just let us know. Also, If your box is clean and in good shape, we'll take it back, but if it's gross or crushed, please just recycle it.

Reminder on Meat Orders from the Store

We request that you order the number of packages you would like. We will make the price in the store a typical package price and will update with the actual price. You are welcome to email us with details on whether you are seeking a specific weight or number of pieces.

For example, boneless chicken breasts are usually two to a package and average one pound. If you want two packages (four breasts), you will order two packages. If you are looking for a minimum of three pounds and you don't care how many breasts or packages it takes, you can enter "1" and email us with any instructions. We will do our best to get the store updated with accurate info, but keep in mind that some items vary wildly in size and weight each time they come in. When we get different sizes week to week, and when deliveries don't come in until Wednesday, it makes keeping this info updated inthe store impossible, so just email us to tell us what you want.

Keeping the inventory in the store accurate is extra difficult with our system and schedule, so if we are out of something you request, we may contact you if time allows, or send an alternative option. You can always trade it and select something different from the swap items available at your pickup site (sorry, this option is not available to Delivery to Groups members). If you're looking for something you don't see, just email/ask because we might have it even if it isn't in the store.

Delivered share members must order by 9:00am on your delivery day.
Pickup members must order by noon on your pickup day.

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This recipe uses baked zucchini "fritters" as the bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. WHAAAT? A healthy grilled cheese? Sign me up! A food processor makes short order of the prep and it bakes up pretty quick for an easy and delicious lunch or light dinner. Adapted from a recipe sent in by forever-member Judy Boland.Read more
I'm looking forward to being on a boat on the coast of Maine in a couple of weeks, so let's make some delicious eggplant boats to get us in the mood. Although a poor substitute for the smell of saltwater and an ocean breeze in your hair, these are really good. If you hate eggplant, this might be the recipe for you. As some of you may have noticed, I would make a terrible food blogger. That's because I'm not a food blogger. But I do cook and write a weekly newsletter, so there you have it.Read more
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The name of the recipe sort of says it all. You can use equal proportions, or more or less of any depending on your tastes, or what you have available. This salad is so fresh it deserves a slap on the face. It also makes a delicious salsa with the addition of hot peppers, and we have jalapenos!Read more
I know this photo looks a lot like the Tomato Cucumber Peach Corn Salsa/salad recipe, but it's just a before shot. This is delicious as a salsa, salad AND soup. It's perfect. Enjoy!Read more
This recipe was created with larger bell peppers in mind, but will work well for other peppers, either hot or sweet, such as corno de toro, ancho and poblano peppers. Go ahead and make extra, so your dreams of more in the future will come true.Read more
Okay, really there is no end to the number of stuffed squash recipes that may end up on this website. This seems to be the stuffingest summer, what with all the peppers and squash just begging to get the stuffing knocked into them. The key here is using what's in the refrigerator, and not being afraid to mix it up a bit. Don't worry if a couple of things don't sound like they go together, the broiled cheese over the top will pull it all into one cohesive delicious dish. This one is pan-fried corn and peppers stuffed in big yellow patty pans. It was so delicious we did another version with a...Read more

7/17 & 18/2019

Buttonwood Chicken Drumsticks ($5)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Del Carmen Mojo ($5.75)
Midwest Pasta WW & Spinach Cresta ($6.50)
Biver Zucchini -1
Biver Cucumber -1
Biver or Nolte Eggplant (Fairy Tale, globe or 2 Asian)
EarthDance Scallions
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Biver Slicing Tomatoes 1.5lb (+14Nolte)
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Centennial Farm Blackberries

7/17 & 18/2019

Circle B Pork Kielbasa ($7.50)
Buttonwood Eggs ($4.75)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75) or ground cherries
EarthDance Lettuce
Nolte Zucchini and Summer Squash 1 of ea.
Nolte Cucumber
St. Isidore Beets 20oz
Biver Tomatillos .75lb
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
Biver Slicing Tomatoes 1.5lb
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Biver Jalapenos
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

7/17 & 18/2019
1. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Bean Choice ($5.75)
Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Midwest Pasta Spinach & Egg Spaghetti  ($6.50)
Nolte Zucchini
EarthDance Kale or Mustard Greens
Biver Patty Pan Squash -16oz.
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

7/17 & 18/2019
2. MINI 

Meramec Bison ($12.75)
Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Biver Zucchini
Biver Pickling Cucumbers
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Biver Heirloom Tomatoes 1.5lb
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

2. Delivered

Circle B Pork Kielbasa ($7.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
Biver Fresh Basil
Nolte Zucchini and Summer Squash 1 of ea.
Nolte Cucumber
Biver Fairy Tale Eggplant
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
Nolte Slicing Tomatoes
Jacobs Orchard Peaches