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Sales Tax and Pricing
We've had two separate half-percent sales tax increases since September, the second of which went into effect April 1st, and will reflect on your overall share price. We had a little error in Farmigo, so we may be adjusting your account if the tax didn't get entered properly on your overages. We've also had to raise prices on a few items here and there, but haven't just done a blanket price increase, so please take note, in case you had some things memorized!

Notes on Trades and Orders
Please do not add anything to your cart before we have filled it with your share items. 
We fill the carts in Farmigo on Tuesday afternoons. Then we send the newsletters early evening. Note that the share clipboards in the newsletter will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart because it will not be added back to your account.

If you are trading for meat or fish that is priced per pound, you may want to email (reply to this email) to let us know whether you are trying to trade close to even, or whether you are looking for three packages of boneless thighs versus three pounds of boneless thighs, e.g. With the variability of package sizes and the limitations of the online store listing, sometimes it's helpful to avoid big surprises when we have to guess.

The online store closes at noon** on the day of your pickup because it takes us that long to create the reports, gather the orders and get all set up for pickups. If you miss the opportunity to make trades within your account, or if you prefer to just browse availability when you come in, you can do so at your pickup.

**Delivered Share members have until 9:30 on Thursday morning to place orders. Note you do not have an opportunity to make trades at your delivery site, so online is your only option, and thus, we encourage you to visit the Mothership so you can acquaint yourself with what is available.

More questions? Check here on our FAQ page. The FAQ is located under the Basics tab on the website, in case you need to look it up later.

Produce available

We're getting a pretty good variety of greens and root vegetables in this week. Greens are limited availability, so order early! Login to your account and order through the webstore.

How to Prep Cooking Greens

Prepping your greens can seem like a chore if you don't have a good system. Try this method for kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach, etc. and you'll find that it's easy eating greens! 1. De-stem the greens by grasping the stem in one hand and the bottom of the leaf where it meets the stem in the other. Holding the leaf with the back facing you, carefully pull the leaf away from the stem toward the front of the leaf with your thumb and forefinger on either side of the stem. Then lightly squeeze the leaf around the stem and... Read more
Those of you who got a nice clean spinach in your shares can rejoice in a simple salad that hardly needs cleaning and is a cinch to prep. Everyone else, just suffer through the tedious destemming and two rinses... :) The salad prep is still simple and delicious.Read more
This is a contribution from member Todd Eller: Julia Child once said the true test of any good cook is how well they can roast a chicken. No offense to Julia but I find it one of the easiest dishes to prepare, full of flavor and endless seasoning possibilities. So this week I give you my roasted rosemary chicken recipe. Learn this basic way to roast a whole chicken and then trade out the rosemary for any of your favorite herbs and seasonings.Read more
Chicken stock is a great secret ingredient in making delicious rice or pasta dishes, as well as soups and casseroles. There is no trick to making great stock. Even if you have nothing special to add but your happy chicken bones, your stock will be better--and better for you--than any canned version.Read more
Before we get full on into lettuce season, we can get by with using those "cooking" greens in the salad bowl. Many of you have heard about "massaged" kale salads, and that's great if you want to go to the trouble (remember to use olive oil, not massage oil), but another simple solution is to shred your greens and dress them ahead--you can use collards, kale, pac choi, napa or regular cabbage, or Swiss chard. Or all of those.Read more
Beautiful, showy radishes command attention on an appetizer plate or your salad. Watermelon radishes are large with green to white skin and a dazzling fuscia-red flesh. They are sweet and mild in flavor and entirely approachable. Purple daikons have a starburst of spectacular purple "tie-dye" inside. Surprise!Read more
It's Easy Being Green! Make every day Earth Day. We reuse and recycle and need your help! Not only are we helping the earth by recycling, we're helping our farmers and producers save money on packaging materials. Please note, we have new guidelines on what we will and won't take back.Read more
Did you know the U City pickup is run entirely by member volunteers and Sara’s husband Stephen (our one INvolunteer). We have regular volunteers who help schlep, weigh, count, divvy, package and distribute all the foods at the three pickup sites. We could not do this job without the amazing support of all our devoted volunteers.Read more

7/17 & 18/2019

Buttonwood Chicken Drumsticks ($5)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Del Carmen Mojo ($5.75)
Midwest Pasta WW & Spinach Cresta ($6.50)
Biver Zucchini -1
Biver Cucumber -1
Biver or Nolte Eggplant (Fairy Tale, globe or 2 Asian)
EarthDance Scallions
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Biver Slicing Tomatoes 1.5lb (+14Nolte)
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Centennial Farm Blackberries

7/17 & 18/2019

Circle B Pork Kielbasa ($7.50)
Buttonwood Eggs ($4.75)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75) or ground cherries
EarthDance Lettuce
Nolte Zucchini and Summer Squash 1 of ea.
Nolte Cucumber
St. Isidore Beets 20oz
Biver Tomatillos .75lb
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
Biver Slicing Tomatoes 1.5lb
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Biver Jalapenos
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

7/17 & 18/2019
1. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Bean Choice ($5.75)
Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Midwest Pasta Spinach & Egg Spaghetti  ($6.50)
Nolte Zucchini
EarthDance Kale or Mustard Greens
Biver Patty Pan Squash -16oz.
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Kopmann Sweet Corn - 4
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

7/17 & 18/2019
2. MINI 

Meramec Bison ($12.75)
Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Biver Zucchini
Biver Pickling Cucumbers
Biver Sungold Tomatoes
Biver Heirloom Tomatoes 1.5lb
Jacobs Orchard Peaches

2. Delivered

Circle B Pork Kielbasa ($7.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
Biver Fresh Basil
Nolte Zucchini and Summer Squash 1 of ea.
Nolte Cucumber
Biver Fairy Tale Eggplant
Biver Cherry Tomatoes
Nolte Slicing Tomatoes
Jacobs Orchard Peaches