Welcome to Week 16!

We'll see all Full Shares, EVEN-week Half Shares, Mini Shares and Delivered Shares this week.

We know you EVEN-week half share members must be hungry and your refrigerators are nice and empty after a month off. Summer is here...let's eat!

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It's peach and tomato season, which means it's time for a reminder that Fair Shares is not a grocery store. Unlike a grocery, we don't buy in lots of extra produce to account for the amount of waste that grocery stores experience because they allow customers to touch every peach and tomato, squeezing, battering and bruising it until it's ready for the compost heap! Also unlike a grocery store, we purchase tomatoes ripe off the vine, so the flavor and nutrients are at their peak. The heirloom varieties are so delicate that we have to purchase them a bit under-ripe in order for them to make it ...Read more
We ordered two dozen of these elated eggs (even happier than our regular eggs!) from Blind Star Farms. Let us know if you are willing to pay an extra 10 cents per egg for the real deal. That comes to $6.00/dozen. Seriously, at 50 cents per egg, how much happier can you get? Here's what they say about their eggs:Read more
The name of the recipe sort of says it all. You can use equal proportions, or more or less of any depending on your tastes, or what you have available. This salad is so fresh it deserves a slap on the face. It also makes a delicious salsa once the hot peppers are in season.Read more
The sweet corn this year is so delicious eaten just raw, naked, right off the cob, so when you dress it up in this rich, decadent outfit, it really turns heads.Read more
This amazingly delicious dish is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The few ingredients in this recipe elevate raw zucchini to a whole new level. I will definitely be creating numerous variations of this in the future.Read more
The sweetness of the peach adds a nice counter to the spicy jalapeno, and the peach and tomato together...well, they've kind of got a thing going on.Read more

6/19 & 20/2019

Circle B Pork Chops ($11)
Buttonwood Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Pasta Spinach & Egg Spaghetti  ($6.50)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt (3.75)
EarthDance Swiss Chard or Kale
Nolte Zucchini
Biver Fennel
Yoder Spring Onions
Wildcard !@$%
Centennial Blueberries

6/19 & 20/2019

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Bean Choice ($5.75)
Marcoot Cheese ($4.50)
Ozark Forest Fresh Mushrooms 8oz. ($7)
Bee Simple Shoots
Kopmann Lettuce Mix
EarthDance Beets
Nolte Zucchini
Biver Patty Pan Squash -lb.
Biver Garlic Scapes
Babb's Farm Blueberries

6/19 & 20/2019
2. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Buttonwood Turkey Sausage Choice ($9)
Coffee choice ($11.50)
Dry Dock Eggs ($4.75)
Kopmann Lettuce Mix
Biver Kale
Kopmann/EarthDance Beets
Biver Zephyr Squash
Biver Zucchini (2)
Yoder Strawberries

6/19 & 20/2019
3. MINI 

Meramec Bison  ($12.75)
Midwest Pasta WW & Spinach Cresta ($6.50)
Yoder Sugar Snap Peas
Yoder Cucumber
EarthDance Scallions
Centennial Blueberries

1. Delivered

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Marcoot Cheese ($4.50)
Kopmann Lettuce Mix
Yoder Green Beans -lb.
Scharf Asparagus  - lb
Biver Zephyr Squash
Biver Zucchini
Babb's Farm Blueberries