Welcome to Week 12!

We look forward to seeing all full-share, mini-share, EVEN-week half-share and Delivered share members tomorrow and Thursday.

Overage Payments Due
We have emailed invoices to all members with an overage balance greater than $40. Please check your email/spam box for an invoice from Fair Shares. Though most of you are prompt about paying overages, we have a number of members with payments that are months overdue. Please help us keep our cashflow in line so we can continue to keep a good stock of extras on hand for your purchases ands trades. Here's the link to pay your overages (login first). Thanks!

New Cycle Started Last Week
We'll be including some new varieties of meats, cheeses, pastas and breads in our current five-week cycle. For a refresher--or if you're new to Fair Shares--you can check out the items that will be in your upcoming shares by checking the number next to your pickup group on your food list, then look for the next number up to see what's in store for next week (or two numbers up if you're a half share). Note that half share members won't get all the different items, so if there's something you want to try, order up!


Trades and Additional Purchases

Please read the rules of trading and how we like to receive your trades and orders on the Trades and Orders page of our website (note you must be logged in to access this page).

Place orders by noon* to orders@fairshares.org -- you can just reply to this email.
*Delivered-share members: please email by noon Wednesday OR wait until after you've received the Wednesday evening newsletter and order by 9:30a.m. Thursday. (Because we may no longer have certain items available, please check the Wednesday evening newsletter for the updated produce list). 

Be sure to include your account name--which is your last name and pickup group, so we know where to send the food.

Mr. Meowski's Sourdough 
Available fresh or frozen this week: $6/fresh, 5/frozen. 

Centennial Jams are back! $4.75. We've got a good variety on hand again, and it's perfect on Mr. Meowski sourdough toast with Larder and Cupboard butter.

Kitchen Kulture

Saag Paneer: $11. With Mofu Tofu and local greens--just add rice, and maybe some sauteed chicken for a quick and tasty meal.
Pumpkin Risotto: $11. A hearty side dish with a little sweetness from the winter squash and dried fruit.
Moroccan Lentil Stew: $11. It's ba-ack...

Coconut Grits: $10. Creamy coconut milk and grits? Yes, please!  I mixed this with Saag Paneer, for a win.
Cheddar Grits: $11. They're cheesy delish and the perfect base for a little grilled meat or fish. Greens on the side, please.

Garlic Scape Pesto: $7.50. In case you just haven't been willing to take our advice and do it yourself, Kitchen Kulture to the rescue!
Cauliflower Hummus: $6. This is a great way to get more veggies into your day--it tastes like hummus (the kids will never know -- unless they can read, so hide the evidence).
Strawberry Tamarind Dressing: $5.50/8oz. This sweet and tangy dressing works well as a sauce for vegetables (like zucchini) and roasted meats, as well as on your salad.


In Living Color: Nolte brought some stunningly vibrant goodies in for us this week. Summer love...now that it's officially summer and all.

Some of the produce is limited, so please leave a second choice when you order, or don't plan to make even trades.

Babb's Blueberries: $5.50/pt. 
Jacobs Orchard Blackberries: $5.50/pt. Limted.

Jacob's Orchard or Centennial Peaches: $3.50/8. These are smallish but not tiny, a variety called EarlyStar (Jacobs, not sure of the Centennial variety or share number). The aroma in the coolers is utterly intoxicating! 

Yoder Sugar Snap Peas: $3.50/.75lb. These are so good raw, it's hard to save any for cooking.
Fennel: $1.50/hd. Fronds included. See recipes below for suggestions.

Berger Bluff Carrots: $3.50. Rainbow carrots--I think we could all use a rainbow right about now.
EarthDance Rainbow Radishes: $2.75/.75lb. bag. Little purple daikon, green daikon and a few other pretty varieties. Unicorns not included (but if you get these and the rainbow carrots, we'll see what we can do).

Biver Pickling Cucmbers: $2.75/lb. Pickling only refers to the fact that they are small enough to fit in a jar. Slice on the diagonal for the crudite plate--it's like a cool drink of water when you're hot and parched.

Celtuce: $2./stalk.  Celtuce? What is this, like a cross between celery and lettuce? Ding ding ding! You win! Try this crazy, fun veggie with a peanut-y legume flavor in a stir fry, or slice it thin for the veggie tray and keep your friends guessing (you, like us, can be that wacky friend who always introduces people to wierd, exciting new produce). Read more below.

Biver Kale: $4/13oz.
Biver Collards: $4.
Biver or EarthDance Swiss Chard: $4.

Biver Arugula: $2.25/4oz.
EarthDance Lettuce: $4.00. 

Nolte San Marzano Tomatoes: $3.50/lb. These are the famous Italian sauce tomatoes, but they're still good for eating raw--just not super juicy like your typical slicer.
Biver Tomatillos: $3/.75lb. 
Lee Zucchini and Yellow Squash: $3.00/share. One of each.

Nolte Purple Kohlrabi: $2.75/2 large bulbs. These are a pretty purple skin with creamy white flesh that are a crisp and crunchy addition to your veggie platter as well as your salad. Also try the delicious slaw below for a summer refresher.
Double Star Beets: $2.75/lb. Yay, beets!

Biver Japanese Turnips: $3.50. White, tender and mild, these turnips are great for salads, or raw on the veggie platter, but also saute up quite nicely and make a great little dish served over their own sauteed greens--just add garlic scapes!

Broccoli?: $2.75/lb. If we get any, it will be priced per head, and very limited.
Nolte Romanesco Broccoli (or Romanesco Cauliflower, or Broccoflower: $3/share. This beautiful cross between broccoli and cauliflower is delicious roasted or grilled. Very limited.

Lee Garlic Scapes: $1.85/.3lb. These are delicious as a side dish, cut into 1-inch pieces and sauteed in a little olive oil (no need to add garlic!). Chop and use as you would green onions and garlic, and don't miss the garlic scape pesto recipe below!
Lee Green Garlic: $2.00/hd. Nice big bulbs with the edible stem attached. This is the second stage of our garlic eating enjoyment; next up, cured garlic. We threw one on the grill with a ton of other veggies and our kabob meat (the only thing we skewered) and it made the perfect roasted garlic accompaniment to a fabulous vegeful meal. 

Girod Green Onions: $2.00/bu.
St. Isidore Cippolini Green Onions: $3/lb. Only a few left.

Ozark Forest Mushrooms: $7.00. 


Happy Milk from Ozark Mountain Creamery
Order by Sunday for pickup with your share.

From Farmer John's Cookbook The Real Dirt on Vegetables. Great on roasted meats or grilled veggies, or to flavor sandwiches, bean dips, soups, etc.Read more
This is a quick and delicious pesto that whips up in the food processor lickity split. You could throw in some of those carrot tops, too!Read more
Beets and fennel compliment each other nicely, and the addition of fresh mozzarella or chevre and balsamic vinaigrette add the texture and tartness that pulls it all together for a salad that is both earthy and refreshing. Other additions to consider: chopped cucumber, fresh-shucked corn, chopped sweet bell peppers, chopped roasted hot peppers.Read more
This is an Asian vegetable with a stem that acts like celery, and leaves that act like lettuce. Hence the clever and brilliant name Celtuce, which some genius is probably still proud of him or herself for creating.Read more

Go Topless!

Woo woo. Take it off baby! When you receive root veggies with the greens attached, it's important to remove the tops from the roots. The greens are edible if they're in good shape--yes, even radish greens--and don't think that just because they are wilted that they are not good. They are just thirsty! Why? Because the roots and the greens are competing for the moisture in the plant. This is why you want to separate them. It will help keep your greens perky and your roots firm. Just cut off the roots below the rubber band or twist tie and... Read more
These big, beautiful, juicy, meaty bulbs will entice and seduce you with their beguiling aroma. Be taken...Read more
I brought some ribs home and realized I didn't have barbecue sauce, so did some research and tried this recipe. Of course I didn't follow it exactly, but the sauce was so good, I thought I'd try it on other proteins as well. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!Read more
Adapted from Cooking Light, November 2005 Beets are back in season--thankfully so is arugula. Mmmm.Read more
Fresh tomatillos have a slight citrusy flavor that makes a wonderful salsa that goes well with chicken, pork, fish, eggs, and grilled veggies. Or eat as is with chips...Read more

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

3. FSA/FSD $38.5

Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Companion Seedy Wheaty ($3.50)
Dry Beans ($3.50)
Cheese Choice ($6.25)
Wildcard ($5.50)
Wildcard Vegetable
Apples - Fuji

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

4. UCA/KWA $39.75 

D&M Sausage ($7)
Eggs ($4.75)
Midwest Whole Wheat/Spinach Cresta ($6.50)
Marina's Tomato Sauce ($5.50)
Almond or Cashew Butter ($9)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Turnips with Greens
Spaghetti Squash - M

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

1. FSB FSE ucb kwb  $41.05 

Raincrow Ranch Stew Beef ($8.80)
Del Carmen Black Beans Choice ($5.75)
Mr. Meowski Pizza Dough ($4)
Clean Plate Kitchen Pizza Sauce ($4)
Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Wildcard Vegetable

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

1. MINI $22.50

Meramec Bison, D&M Gyro, CircleB Pork Chop ($11.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Yogurt Choice ($3.75)
Greens Choice
Sweet Potatoes
Squash - Acorn

Please order by 11AM Wednesday

1. Delivered $22.50 

Meramec Bison, D&M Gyro, CircleB Pork Chop ($11.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Yogurt Choice ($3.75)
Sweet Potatoes
Squash - Acorn