Welcome to Week 11!

We look forward to seeing all full-share, mini-share, ODD-week half-share and Delivered share members tomorrow and Thursday.

Overage Payments Due
We have emailed invoices to all members with an overage balance greater than $40. Please check your email/spam box for an invoice from Fair Shares. Though most of you are prompt about paying overages, we have a number of members with payments that are months overdue. Please help us keep our cashflow in line so we can continue to keep a good stock of extras on hand for your purchases ands trades. Thanks!

New Cycle Starts This Week
We'll be including some new varieties of meats, cheeses, pastas and breads in our next five-week cycle. For a refresher--or if you're new to Fair Shares--you can check out the items that will be in your upcoming shares by checking the number next to your pickup group on your food list, then look for the next number up to see what's in store for next week (or two numbers up if you're a half share). Note that half share members won't get all the different items, so if there's something you want to try, order up!


Trades and Additional Purchases

Please read the rules of trading and how we like to receive your trades and orders on the Trades and Orders page of our website (note you must be logged in to access this page).

Place orders by noon* to orders@fairshares.org -- you can just reply to this email.
*Delivered-share members: please email by noon Wednesday OR wait until after you've received the Wednesday evening newsletter and order by 9:30a.m. Thursday. (Because we may no longer have certain items available, please check the Wednesday evening newsletter for the updated produce list). 

Be sure to include your account name--which is your last name and pickup group, so we know where to send the food.

Jowl Bacon
Looks like bacon, smells like bacon, tastes like bacon, acts like bacon, cheaper than bacon! $6/lb. for Circle B, $7/lb. for Blind Star. This is delicious bacon from the jowl, rather than the loin. The pieces tend to be shorter, slightly thicker, and when cooked up crisp, I daresay it may even taste better than the regular bacon...but don't take my word for it. We got three pigs in and the jowl is stacking up. Great cooked with greens or on a BLT.

Mr. Meowski's Sourdough 
Available frozen this week: $5/loaf. Did someone mention a BLT? Limited.

Centennial Jams are back! $4.75. We've got a good variety in this week, including our personal favorites, Triple Crown and Summer Trio.

Kitchen Kulture
Cauliflower Hummus: $6.00. We can't wait to try this, going on the assumption it's going to be every bit as fantastic as the rest of their magical preparations.
Strawberry Tamarind Dressing: $5.50/8oz. We thought having a lovely salad dressing in the shares during lettuce season would be appreciated. This sweet and tangy dressing also works well as a sauce for vegetables (like zucchini) and roasted meats.

Saag Paneer: $11. With Mofu Tofu and local greens--just add rice, and maybe some sauteed chicken for a quick and tasty meal.
Pumpkin Risotto: $11. A hearty side dish with a little sweetness from the winter squash and dried fruit.

Coconut Grits: $10. Creamy coconut milk and grits? Yes, please!  I mixed this with Saag Paneer, for a win.
Cheddar Grits: $11. They're cheesy delish and the perfect base for a little grilled meat or fish. Greens on the side, please.

Date Lady
Organic Dates: $7.
Date Balsamic Vinegar: $6.25. Drizzle over grilled or roasted veggies. WOW!
Date Syrup or Coconut Date Syrup: $8. Add the date syrup to your salad dressing, or use in place of honey in baking, or in your yogurt, or your oatmeal.



Some of the produce is limited, so please leave a second choice when you order, or don't plan to make even trades.

Yoder Tart Cherries: $6.00/pt. Limited. Make your own hand pies, because have you read the ingredients in the store bought version? {{Shudder}}. Read this post from Huffington Post for some tantalizing tart cherry recipe ideas. This is such a short season--don't miss out!

Babb's Blueberries: $5.50/pt. Not sure how many extras we'll get in. If we don't get as many as we'd hoped, we may limit orders to one.
Mast Strawberries: $5.50/qt. Limited. There are still some strawberries to be had if you haven't gotten your fill. Perhaps you wanted one last chance to make a strawberry rhubarb treat?

Rhubarb: $3.50/.75lb. This may be your last chance for 2017, so go ahead and make this mouth-watering pie.

Mast Sugar Snap Peas: $3.75. These are so good raw, it's hard to save any for cooking.
Berger Bluff Carrots: $3.50. Rainbow carrots--I think we could all use a rainbow right about now.

Mast Cucmbers: $2.75/2 (1L & 1S or 2 M). My favorite veggie for crudite plate--it's like a cool drink of water when you're hot and parched. Limited.
Celtuce: $2./stalk.  Celtuce? What is this, like a cross between celery and lettuce? Ding ding ding! You win! Try this crazy, fun veggie with a peanut-y legume flavor in a stir fry, or slice it thin for the veggie tray and keep your friends guessing (you, like us, can be that wacky friend who always introduces people to wierd, exciting new produce).

Biver Kale: $4/13oz.
Biver Collards: $4.
Biver or EarthDance Swiss Chard: $4.

Biver Arugula: $2.25/4oz.
St. Isidore or EarthDance Lettuce: $3.50-$4.00. We should have a few extra shares of lolla rossa or head lettuce available. 

Double Star Tomatoes: $3.50/lb. Limited, but go on, with all that lettuce, not to mention arugula, and bacon? You know what to do.
Biver Zucchini or Zephyr Summer Squash: $2.00/share.
Lee Zucchini and Yellow Squash: $3.50? Not sure the share size or price until we count and divvy, but we're thinking one or two zucchini and two yellow squash.

Nolte Purple Kohlrabi: $2.75/2 large bulbs. These are a pretty purple skin with creamy white flesh that are a crisp and crunchy addition to your veggie platter as well as your salad. Also try the delicious slaw below for a summer refresher.
Double Star Beets: $2.75/lb. Yay, beets! I think these will just be red beets, but didn't actually find out.

Biver Japanese Turnips: $3.50. White, tender and mild, these turnips are great for salads, or raw on the veggie platter, but also saute up quite nicely and make a great little dish served over their own sauteed greens--just add garlic scapes!
EarthDance Rainbow Radishes: $2.75/.75lb. bag. Little purple daikon, green daikon and a few other pretty varieties. Unicorns not included (but if you get these and the rainbow carrots, we'll see what we can do).

Girod or Double Star Broccoli: $2.75/lb. We will probably will just price these individually based on what the size of the heads look like.
Girod or Double Star Cauliflower: $2.75/lb. Same with the broccoli, will probably be priced per head.

Lee Garlic Scapes: $1.85/.3lb. Yay! These are delicious as a side dish, cut into 1-inch pieces and sauteed in a little olive oil (no need to add garlic!). Chop and use as you would garlic, and don't miss the garlic scape pesto recipe below!
Girod Green Onions: $2.00/bu.

St. Isidore Cippolini Green Onions: $3/lb.
Nolte or Elixir Leeks: $3.50/lb. The leeks and the cippolini onions above are a great addition to a veggie broil/roast--they crisp and brown up perfectly, nom nom nom.

Bee Simple Shoots: $4. Not sure what we'll be getting tomorrow - pea, sunflower, maybe a super mix?
Ozark Forest Mushrooms: $7.00. A mix of Shiitakes and Oysters. 


Happy Milk from Ozark Mountain Creamery
Order by Sunday for pickup with your share.

I brought some ribs home and realized I didn't have barbecue sauce, so did some research and tried this recipe. Of course I didn't follow it exactly, but the sauce was so good, I thought I'd try it on other proteins as well. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!Read more
Oh man, this was soooo delicious. I bet this would make a great blueberry pie, too.Read more
This is just a simple dish that makes its own thickened sauce and is wonderful over pasta or rice, or in risotto, cooked wheat berries or other whole grains. It's versatile and forgiving, and can be adapted to your particular tastes.Read more
A few of our farmers are growing a lovely array of chicories, so I looked up a bit more info to share and found this great blog from the Whistling Train Farm in Washington state. She has some great information not just on chicories, but on a lot of the same goodies we see in our shares, so it's worth a look around there.Read more
Kohlrabi is low in calories, high in nutrients and a great raw snack. If you need an instant immune system boost, then try snacking on a cup of raw Kohlrabi. Of all the vitamins in kohlrabi, vitamin C is the most abundant. A cup of raw kohlrabi has almost 84 mg of vitamin C, which is more than enough to meet your daily requirement. It also has a good amount of the B vitamins, which play a role in increasing metabolic rates and maintaining healthy skin and hair.Read more
The simplest preparations are often the best. These two are a match made in heaven. The only intruder that might be welcome is toasted pecans.Read more


Buttonwood Whole Chicken ($12.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Grains Choice ($4.50)
Missouri Pecans - .5lb. ($8)
Pea Shoots
Radishes - Mix
Asian Pears


Pork Choice ($6.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Mr. Meowski's Sourdough ($6)
Windcrest Dairy Yogurt ($3.75)
Missouri Pecans - .5lb. ($8)
Lettuce - Salanova Mix
Turnips - Purple Top
Tomatoes - Green Cherry
Asian Pears

1. FSB FSE ucb kwb

Raincrow Ranch - Ground Beef ($6.50)
Del Carmen Choice ($5.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)
Bok Choy
Turnips - Purple Top
Tomatoes - Green Cherry
Squash - Choice
Asian Pears

2. MINI 

Mermac Bison or D&M Gyro or Circle B Chops ($11.50)
Black Beans ($3.50)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Cabbage - Chinese or Dutch
Sweet Potatoes

1. Delivered

Mermac Bison or D&M Gyro or Circle B Chops ($11.50)
Black Beans ($3.50)
Cham Pita ($2.50)
Cabbage - Dutch
Sweet Potatoes