Instructions for Pickups

For All Members Picking Up:
- We aren't letting anyone in the building except a few volunteers who we will social distance from, using gloves, masks, and cleaning it all as we go. We are treating our farmers and vendors the same way, not letting them in, not taking their boxes, and switching to our own tubs to carry the food into the building.
- We'll be packing shares into paper bags, and would like to take the paper bags back and allow them to sit untouched for a week or two. The virus purportedly can live only 24 hours on cardboard, and we want to continue being eco-friendly, but we're not sure if this would be a wise idea.
- We will not take back any jars or egg cartons at this time.
- We will be doing only curbside pickups, where you place your trades and extra purchases through our online store by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday. We will wave and blow kisses from the from the doorway, and repeat each week until we don't have to do this anymore. Directions for your individual pickup sites are below, and we expect you will go home and wipe down the groceries as you would do from any other store at this time in our lives.
- We will assess what works and what doesn't, so expect it to change for next week! Feedback is welcome.

For pickups at the Mothership (5021 Northrup):
- Text Sara at 314-852-5743 with your Last Name and Pickup Group when you are in the parking lot. If you are a trial share please text Trial Full or Trial Mini with your last name.
- We will text back when your share is pulled and tell you which door to drive to. We will be working through both the West side door and South side door. If you are parked in the West side parking spots along the building, let us know that when you text us so we bring your share to the West side door. This way you don't have to go through the parking lot again.
- If you don't have a cell phone to text, please holler in the door that you are here, but don't plan to come into the building. We hope it's nice enough to keep all the doors open and avoid door-knob cooties.
- If you are returning milk bottles please include that in your text (example: Hale-FSA 2 milk returns, West side lot)) We will have milk crates for you to put your returned bottles in.
- We will not take back any jars or egg cartons at this time.
- If you find you need to add something else to your order when you pickup, please note it in your text and we will add it if we have it. Sometimes a little chocolate didn't seem important when you ordered in the morning, but is very much needed by pickup!
- We will put your share outside for you to grab and go. 

For pickup in UCity (Trinity Presbyterian Church):
- The church is closed, so our U-Haul van will be parked near the bell tower. Stephen will find your bag and set it out for you when you arrive.
- If you are returning milk bottles please let Stephen know. We will have  crates for you to put your returned bottles in.
- We won't be sending extras, so please be sure to get your order in online by 11 a.m.!

For pickup in Kirkwood (Kirkwood United Methodist Church:

- We will not be using insulated bags for the time being, and since the church is closed, we are asking members to pick up in a shorter window. We hope to have Nick there to distribute from the van in the church lot between 1 and 2:30ish. Please let us know only if this time will NOT work for you, and when the earliest time is that you could make it.
- If you are returning milk bottles, please let Nick know to note the number
- For anyone who is unable to arrive while Nick is there: we will be putting the bags under the covered area outside the double doors at the regular entrance we use. NOTE: since we will not be going to retrieve tubs or bags on Friday, please don't leave anything there. Please text Lindy at 314.664.0872 when you pick up your bag.


Tip: How to de-cob your corn

All you need is a deep bowl or pot and a sharp knife to make cutting your corn off the cob a breeze. Of course, a shallow bowl or plate is an option if you like cleaning up bits of corn kernal and a spray of corn juice (really, corn juice?). First husk the corn and brush off all the silks. cornsilks.jpg Hold the...Read more


We are very happy to have our products included in shares through Fair Shares.  The folks at Fair Shares have set-up a great distribution schedule that works with smaller scale local farmers taking into account weekly and seasonal limitations in harvesting. The staff at Fair Shares are easy to work with, being both friendly and professional.  They have been very straightforward about their needs and those that the share members represent. We look forward to growing with Fair Shares!

Bobbi Sandwisch, Live Springs Farm, Carrollton, IL 100% Grassfed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, Chicken, and Eggs