Once Upon A Time...

Minature versions of things just make people smile and sigh. Baby dogs, baby cats, baby elephants--they're just cute and cuddly, right? Introducing the Fairy Tale Eggplant, a small, adorable version of its big sibling, the globe eggplant. To make it even more endearing, it has stripes! "Awww!"

You can use fairy tale eggplant just like any other eggplant, but they seem to really enjoy a nice roasting in the oven. Add in cherry tomatoes in a variety of colors and you've got a precious meal in the making. Check out this recipe from Foods with Judes that has pretty and enticing photos. You could also just simply slice them in half and saute them with shiitake mushrooms and garlic/scallions.

Tip: How to prepare bamboo shoots

Don't Be Bamboozled! Bamboo shoots are a fun fresh spring vegetable with a very short season, so don't miss the chance add a new and exciting ingredient to your culinary repertoire! Limited availability--check the store.Read more


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