Popcorn on the Cob

This is a fun learning experience for the kiddoes--not to mention most adults--who have never seen popcorn on the cob. There's no need to shuck the kernals from the ears, although you are welcome to do so if you prefer your popper- or pan-popped corn.

Just place one ear in an 8lb brown paper bag (like the one you get it in) and pop it in the microwave for approximately three minutes.

We found three minutes was just right. Although a few kernals were still popping, three and a half minutes was a tad too long and the corn and cob were just beginning to scorch.

Not all the kernals will pop, and not all the popped kernals will come loose from the the cob, but that makes for a cool show and tell.

We asked John Kopman about the variety and he looked at us blankly, so we can't answer that question, but we can tell you after popping it that it is a butterfly variety. If you have no idea what we're talking about, here is an entertaining blog on popcorn.

The aroma and flavor is fabulous, but since this is oil free, the salt doesn't stick so well. You can always drizzle a bit of melted butter or coconut oil over the popped corn, but it was pretty satisfying just as it was.


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We are very happy to have our products included in shares through Fair Shares.  The folks at Fair Shares have set-up a great distribution schedule that works with smaller scale local farmers taking into account weekly and seasonal limitations in harvesting. The staff at Fair Shares are easy to work with, being both friendly and professional.  They have been very straightforward about their needs and those that the share members represent. We look forward to growing with Fair Shares!

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