New this season, ALL members must complete online orders by 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays.

We know the window of Tuesday afternoon when the email goes out until Wednesday morning at 10:30 is short, but in order to fill over 425 shares and orders without excessive mistakes, we need to have all orders in before we begin packing bags. For example, when we offer a choice in the shares, we have to pull all the items for those who made their choice before we can begin to pack the bags for those who did not make a choice. This includes Thursday pickup members.

This will become even more important if and when we begin to open up a bit and allow members in to shop. We have to pull aside ALL orders before we can sell extras on the spot.

Season 14 Begins Next Week, March 24 & 25 with Week 1

Week 1 means we'll see all Full, Mini and ODD-week half-share members. We'll see EVEN-week half shares on Week 2. (Just making clear that ODD and EVEN weeks refer to our season's week number, not anything to do with the calendar.)

Help Wanted?

Did you know that our UCity pickup is run entirely by member volunteers, and has been since we started? All those friendly people who help you to get your food at the church donate their time every week. We also have dedicated members who help with pickups in Kirkwood and offer their porch to host member shares when they can't make the normal pickup time. We have a number of volunteers at the Mothership who help to bring in the food from farmers, count, weigh, divvy and organize all the food into the multiple pickup groups, and then pull orders and pack all the member bags for the three locations over two days.

We are always interested in members volunteering to help them gain a better understanding of how our complex program works, but honestly, if you aren't already familiar with our system, a one-time or occasional shift won't be very helpful to you or us. If you do have the time to commit a regular weekly or bi-weekly time slot, we'd love to hear from you.

We may be in a position to hire someone in a managerial role if you or someone you know may be interested. We are looking for someone with some skills in logistics, computer aptitude, and/or agriculture, with good organizational and people skills (and a good, strong back for being able to schlep heavy boxes and tubs of produce). Knowing a bit about CSAs, particularly our CSA, would be a great asset. We are more interested in finding the right fit than anything.

*News Flash: We just hired a new employee today, so we will need to see how our requirements may be filled before we consider an additional employee, but we would love to acquire a list of interested and potential hires, so please do be in touch.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!
– Your Fair Shares Family