We’re changing up how we do pickups each week until we establish a routine that works. PLEASE READ THE UPDATES (in red) EACH WEEK. We have a lot on our plates—a LOT--so please save us some time and read this instead of just emailing questions. Members picking up at the Fair Shares Mothership (Northrup) need to sign up for a time slot, so please see below.

There is no change to Kirkwood, so you need only read this if you are unfamiliar with the current plan.

For All Members:
- Read this before you come to pick up, please!
If you are sending someone to get your share, either share this with them or give them instructions.

- We are continuing to pack all shares into paper bags. Please return your clean, folded paper bag if it isn’t ripped and hasn’t lost its integrity. We will let them sit quietly for at least a week before reuse.

- We will not take back any jars or egg cartons at this time. Only milk bottles.

- We expect you will go home and wipe down the groceries as you would do from any other store at this time.

- Place your trades and extra purchases (AFTER the weekly newsletter email arrives and you've viewed your share) through our online store by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday. We would like to make the deadline earlier because it is so much to get done in a short time and our social distancing is being challenged.

- Having members text upon arrival, and then taking names was chaotic and took up precious time. This week, we are trying out a new signup system to have time slots for curbside pickups at the Mothership (Northrup), so that we may improve the flow and decrease your wait and (most importantly!) our stress. If we find this system works well, we may implement it at the U City pickup in the coming weeks.

Fair Shares Mothership (5021 Northrup) Pickups, 3:30-7:00p.m:

- Please sign up for one time slot on your assigned day before 11a.m. Use your Account name and pickup group, not whoever is picking up for you.

SignUp Genius

If you don’t know what time you’ll make it, make a good guess. We need to run a report to collect the sign in sheet, so please sign up for a time slot by 11a.m. Wednesday.

- If you are returning milk bottles please let us know when we bring out your bag. We will have milk crates outside for you to put your returned bottles in.

- We will bring your share outside and set it down and call your name, so please be paying attention.

UCity - Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wednesday 4:30- 6p.m:

- Stephen will take your name and point to your bag when you arrive.

- If you are returning milk bottles please let Stephen know to note it on the checkin sheet. We will have crates for you to put your returned bottles in.

- Please order by 10:30 a.m. so we can get started early enough to stay spread out.

Kirkwood United Methodist Church, Thursday 1:00-2:30p.m:

- Nick will set out the bags away from the van for you to come pick up.

- If you are returning milk bottles, please let Nick know to note the number on the check-in sheet, and you can set them in the crate provided.

- If you know ahead of time that you'll be unable to arrive by 2:30, let us know if you want Nick to leave your bag under the covered area outside the double doors. Otherwise, we'll bring your share back to the Mothership. If you find at the last minute that you aren't going to make it by 2:30, please text Lindy at 314.662.0872 with instructions.

- NOTE: please don't leave anything there if you're picking up late.