Welcome to Fair Shares Week 13!

We'll see all Full Share, Mini Share, and ODD-week Half Share members on Wednesday and Thursday.

We're trying something new again - note, this is only a test.

Full Share Members: We've added the Pickup Time Selection items into your carts, and you need to click on it to select your time and add it in your cart. Please make sure you don't end up with two different time slots, and check that the time you want is in your order confirmation email. If not, please go in and try again. You can make as many changes to your cart as you like.

Note that you need to come on your assigned pickup day, which is [Delivery Day], and your group is [Pickup Site]. If you can't, please reply to this email and tell us before 10a.m. Wednesday.

Mini and Half Shares, please select your day and group from the store. When you use the dropdown window to select your pickup time, don't forget to click Add to put it in your cart. If it tells you that item is sold out, choose the next time slot. Check that it shows up in your email order confirmation.

If you miss the trades window, please come after 4:30. Even if you didn't pick your time slot, PLEASE, SHOW UP ON YOUR ASSIGNED PICKUP DAY! Packing everything in bags and then having to dig out the frozen stuff at the end of the night--especially as we get into the high produce season and there is so much more food--is going to create a new policy with some sort of restocking fee. We're not trying to guilt you or anything because you are certainly not the only one, and that's why it's kind of a big deal.

Ta daa! Now click your Cart and make your trades and order extras. Newbies, see below for more info.

Holiday HELP

We have a number of our beloved and highly relied upon staff/volunteers taking vacation for the upcoming July 4th holiday and we're unsure if we'll be able to pull off all the pickups without them. A number of people are putting their shares on hold, which will help, but we may need to put Kirkwood pickup on hold for that week. If you are planning to put your share on hold for the holiday PLEASE LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND DO SO NOW so we can get a grasp on our logistics. If you have been practicing good safety measures and would like to help us, please email.

We know, this is a lot of boring text to weed through, so here is a sweet carrot. Speaking of carrots, we got a few in this week! Check the store.

Anything Missing?

We need your help in checking that you got what you were supposed to get in your bag before you leave. Let us know of any missing or wrong items. We may not be able to correct a problem in UCity or Kirkwood, but you can help save us a million emails and future work if you let us correct your bag when you pick up at the Mothership.

If you're sending someone to pick up for you, please give them your list and let them know what to do.

We've received so many kind words and expressions of gratitude and we thank you and appreciate you all so much.

Notes on Trades and Orders

UCity members, we MUST run the report at 10:30 sharp in order to be able to get your food to you on time. If you're late, we're sorry, but we are not checking email, we're pulling orders and packing bags.

Everyone else, the store shuts you out promptly at 11 am, so if you haven't finished your trades by 11:00, your order won't go through, and you may have credit left to spend. We don't have any time to make adjustments for you on Wednesday before pickups, and your emails won't even be seen before 7:30p.m., so please just wait. If you're a Wednesday pickup member at Fair Shares and you have an issue that needs fixing, we should be able to take care of it if you don't come during the busy first two hours of pickup.

The share clipboards below will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart but you are welcome to buy extra.

Here's a video demo on how to make trades. Note that Farmigo has updated their system to allow you to click the items in your cart that have variations for you to select.

Please check the descriptions of items--some things are sold by the pound so the actual price will be different from what's listed in the store. If what's in your bag is not what you were expecting, give it back. If you're at the Mothership, you may be able to choose something else.

We don't open the store until we've sent the newsletter because we need to finish updating the store inventory for you to make trades. You can browse the store beforehand by logging out of your account.

Login to your account to select your pickup time slot, swap items from your cart and add extras. You may go in to your account as many times as you like until the store closes. The system will only keep the latest version of your cart. If you don't receive an email confirmation, try again.

The online store closes at 10:30a.m. Wednesday for UCity,

and 11a.m. Wednesday for everyone else.


Order Your Milk By Sunday for Next Week

If you would like a weekly or bi-weekly standing order of milk (1/2 gallons - whole, creamline, 2%, chocolate, or skim), please email Jamie by 3p.m. Sunday. If you miss the deadline, check the store when making your trades Tuesday night for availability.

If you would like a standing order of pints of heavy cream or half & half, or 12 oz. chocolate milk, please email orders@fairshares.org by noon on the Friday before your pickup to let us know your order. Again, if you miss the deadline, you can order through the store after we've sent the newsletter.

Grow Solar St. Louis

Grow Solar
We're on board with Grow Solar's initiative to boost solar energy in the St. Louis area. Get off the fence, and get on the roof!
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Join our Fair Shares Member group on Facebook to share recipes and ask questions. Our members are fantastic people and wonderful cooks, and many have been doing this as long as we have, so if you have questions, they're here for you, too!

Connecting the Dots: A Fish Tale, Part 1

I might even call this a fishy fairy tale in the making, starring Sara and Stephen's nephew Alden. It begins with his "Once upon a time" followed by wishes and dreams that come true. We'll follow along with his long journey and great adventures that will lead to our happily ever after.
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Connecting the Dots:  A Fish Tale, Part 1

Turkey Zucchini Burgers

Turkey Zucchini Burgers
This recipe is from the fabulous Jerusalem: A Cookbook - By Yotam Ottolenghi‎.
The photos make you immediately want to be preparing (or at least eating) the recipes you're looking at. This is the first recipe I tried from the book, and probably the closest I've come to following a recipe in a good long time. With ground turkey and pretzel slider buns in the shares and summer squash back in season, it's time to roll this recipe out for a debut performance.
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Tip: What are garlic scapes and how do I use them?

Tip: What are garlic scapes and how do I use them?
Garlic scapes are the shoot and the seed pod of the hard neck garlic plant. If left on the plant, the seed pod would grow into a bulb much like the root bulb of garlic. This is undesireable because it competes with the nutrients and the bulb of garlic will be wimpy. So the farmer cuts that off and we …
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Garlicky Squash and Zucchini Pasta

Garlicky Squash and Zucchini Pasta
Garlicky Squash and Zucchini Pasta I love this time of year, when both garlic scapes and summer squash are in season. There are so many possibilities to add to a dish like this, and I have a tendency not to know when to stop. Simplicity is key to enjoying each ingredient at its peak of deliciousness, but fresh shelled peas …
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Lettuce Wrap-a-Rama

Lettuce Wrap-a-Rama
Lettuce Wrap-a-Rama This delicious, simple, 20-minutes-to-make, two-minutes-to-eat recipe is messy and not really as much of a wrap as it is a pick it up and stuff it in your mouth thing. Fun and addictive. I'm already looking forward to leftovers. See the even faster, lazier version here, too! Preparation As you're cleaning your lettuce for salads, notice how some …
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Say Peas!

Some vegetables are just so photogenic. Take shell peas, with their winning smile.

Even out of their skins, peas are cute and cuddly. We're asking every new farmer who asks what we're lacking to grow them for us, so hopefully we'll be swimming in them within a year or two, and that's sure to make you smile.

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Garlic Scape & Fennel Spread

Garlic Scape & Fennel Spread
Garlic Scape & Fennel Spread From Farmer John's Cookbook The Real Dirt on Vegetables. Great on roasted meats or grilled veggies, or to flavor sandwiches, bean dips, soups, etc.
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Special Notice for UCity Pickup

A note to those picking up in UCity: We have two pickup locations: 1) on the Kingsland Avenue sidewalk by the church, and 2) in the garage on Washington Avenue across from the church. If we’re not at one, we’re at the other.
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It's Schlafly Beer:30

It's Schlafly Beer Thirty
Oh my goodness, look at the time!
Order your Schlafly Beer for pickup at the Mothership or UCity this week!
Orders must be placed by 10a.m. Wednesday on the Schlafly (Tap Room location) link below. PLEASE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER!
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Tip: CSA Eating

There is a learning curve to eating locally and seasonally, so give yourself and your family the time to figure it out. It's worth learning because it can save you time and money, make you a more creative cook, and teach you to appreciate your food more as you savor the delicious quality of produce at it's peak of flavor when it's in season.

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FS13 Wk13 shares, Jun 17&18, 2020

FS13 Wk13 shares,  Jun 17&18, 2020

Anton's Beef Kabob Meat ($9)

Eggs ($4.75)

Midwest Pasta Bi-color Short ($6.50)

Marcoot Fresh Mozzarella ($6.75)

Yogurt - Plain Greek ($4)

Wildcard Greens

Peas - Sugar Snap

Patty Pans or Zephyr Squash

Cherries - Tart


2. FSC / Full Trial

Meramec Bison ($13)

Eggs ($4.75)

Cham Pita or Zaatar Bread ($2.50)

Coffee or Kitchen Kulture Choice ($11.50)

Lettuce - Mix



Cherries - Tart

1. MINI / Mini Trial

Anton's Ground Beef ($6.75)

Del Carmen Black Beans ($6)

Marcoot Cheese Choice ($4.50)

Wildcard Lettuce

Peas - English Shelling

Spring Bulb Onion (1)

Fruit Wildcard

UCity, place your orders and sign up for your time slot by 10:30a.m. Wednesday!

FS and KW have until 11 am Wednesday.

Signup for a time slot through your shopping cart.

If you need to come on another day, you must let us know by email before Wednesday so we can switch you for the week. Otherwise we won't have your share ready for you.


Buttonwood Ground Turkey ($8.25)

Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)

Prairie Fruits Chevre ($7.50)

Pretzel Slider Rolls ($4.50)

Lettuce - Mix

Kale - Green Curly


Spring Bulb Onions (2)

Cherries - Tart

5. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb

Circle B Pork German Bratwurst ($7)

Eggs ($4.75)

Yogurt - Regular Vanilla ($4)

Grains Choice - Rice or Cornmeal ($4.50)

Ozark Forest Mushrooms ($7)

Lettuce - Mix


Wildcard Greens