Welcome to Fair Shares Season 15 Wk4

We'll see all Full Share, Mini Share, and EVEN-week Half Share members this week.

Your assigned pickup day is [Delivery Day], but if you need to switch the day, reply to this email before 10a.m. Wednesday.

LOGIN HERE to select your time and ADD it in your cart. Make sure that the time you want is in your order confirmation email. You may update your cart as many times as you like.
Your share will be packed for you whether you select a time or not, it just helps us have it ready when you arrive.

COVID PROCEDURES UPDATE: Although CDC guidelines do not require masks indoors, we request that everyone continue to wear masks indoors at pickups. Thanks.
This email is how we communicate with members. Please at least scan it so you know any important information. If you have questions, just reply to this email.

Hail Hale Sail Sale 3

For those of you not in our Fair Shares Facebook group, we wanted to make this invitation official, and give an update that we aren't actively seeking to sell Fair Shares right away. We will continue as is, with Sara being less hands on, working from afar, and Stephen passing off the UCity deliveries to our employee Joe, (that's the current plan).

We hope to see all our friends (vaxed and masked) for our moving sale next Friday, April 15, 1:00-7:00p.m, and Saturday the 16th from 9:00am to 3:00p.m.

This third sale is the big one. We're ready to do the major purge and are at the point where everything-that-we-aren't-taking must go because we're moving in early June!

Please help us fund our new adventure of living on a sailing catamaran while relieving us of most of our worldly possessions, including art (both Sara's and others'), art supplies, frames, jewelry-making supplies, furniture, stoneware, glassware, barware, tableware, cookware, garden stuff, holiday decorations, fireplace tools, books, clothes, shoes and more!

Please bring friends and masks! Venmo, checks and cash accepted. You can find more info here.

Roasted Joi Choi

Roasted Joi Choi
By Beth Sorrell

(hoping we will get this again so others can actually try the recipe!)

This was super easy and really good! I tossed the veg in a bit of olive oil and roasted it on a sheet pan with parchment paper at 400 degrees for 35 minutes… Read more

Slaw With Quinoa Crunch

Slaw With Quinoa Crunch
By Beth Sorrell

If you haven’t tried Field To Fire’s Quinoa Crunch Salad yet, you are missing out! This stuff is great on its own, but if you add it to a chopped salad or slaw, you just ruled meal prep! Read more

Pretty as a Picture

As you shop in the store, if you notice any missing (or just plain terrible) photo images of the food, help us out (and get your photo credit in the item description) by snapping a pretty (or prettier) pic and sending it our way so we can update the store.

We'd also love to see photos of your shares, what you're cooking with all this great food, and any other tips or tricks--you should definitely be posting these to our Facebook group, too!

Thanks to those of you who have posted some delicious looking recipes already!

Email your images to rob@fairshares.org

Root Veggie Roast

Root Veggie Roast
Some people are a little iffy about or uninspired by root veggies, and let them sit in the fridge until they are in a state that leaves no future but the compost heap. One way to sweeten up--and sometimes even disguise a root veggie you or your family is suspect of--is to throw it in the oven … Read more

Price Increases

As the news has been warning us, we are starting to see price increases from our vendors. A number of items will have a substantial increase (like Cham, which will take place next week). Others may not be huge, but please note the milk prices have increased and for those who have a standing order, we have updated the price in your account subscription.

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Introducing R&R Farms
R&R Farm is a member-owned hemp farm located in the Flint Hills of Missouri just outside of St. Louis. We're happy to offer R&R's CBD and CBG products, including gummies and oils.

Check the Gifts and Such category in the store to order. Read more

Happy Milk from Ozark Mountain Creamery

Happy Milk from Ozark Mountain Creamery
Don't make a trip to the grocery store; pick up your milk when you get your food from Fair Shares!

You can set up a standing weekly or bi-weekly order so that we will be sure to have your milk for you (you may cancel at anytime). Feel free to place a one-time order to see how you like it. Read more
We (Stephen and Sara) had to say goodbye to our sweet former Fair Shares feral, Vincent last week, who we adopted in 2015. This means we have only three cats to bring on our catamaran. We had big visions of Vinnie as our helmsman, outfitted as a pirate with a patch, a peg and a parrot... I guess Astro (our latest Fair Shares adoptee) will have to assume that role.
Vincent and Astro, rays of sunshine and starshine.

Notes on Trades and Orders

If you have questions or an issue to resolve, please email info@fairshares.org. We get nearly 400 order confirmation emails in the orders@fairshares.org account and WE DO NOT CHECK THEM, so if you want a reply, use info@fairshares.org, which goes to both Jamie and Sara, and one of us will see it!

The share clipboards below will include the fresh produce on your list, but the cart in your Farmigo account lists only the tradable items in your share. You must spend the total credit value in your cart but you are welcome to buy extra.

Here's a video demo on how to make trades. Note that Farmigo has updated their system to allow you to click the items in your cart that have variations for you to select. Here's the link to LOGIN.

Please check the descriptions of items! Some things are sold by the pound so the actual price will be different from what's listed in the store. If what's in your bag is not what you were expecting, give it back. If you're at the Mothership, you may be able to choose something else.

Pro Tip: You can browse the store when it's "closed" by logging out of your account.

FS15 Wk4 Shares, 4/13&14/2022

FS15 Wk4 Shares, 4/13&14/2022
4. FSC

Chicken - Ground ($8.25)
Yogurt - Greek Plain ($4)
Pecans ($8)
Cranberry Chutney ($6)
Severson Oats Choice ($3.25)
Wildcard ($5.00) choose from store
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Fresh Herb - Chives
2. FSB/FSE/ucb/kwb

Beef - Ground 80/20 ($6.75)
Mushrooms - Ozark Forest ($7)
Field to Fire Choice ($10)
Almond or Cashew Butter ($9)
Pasta - Long Bi-Color ($6.50)
Eggs ($4.75)
Lettuce - Bibb

Pork - Sausage ($9.75)
Eggs ($4.75)
Coffee ($12.25)
Fresh Herb - Chives
Lettuce - Bibb
Need pickup site & time info? Click here

Everyone must order by 10:30a.m. Wednesday!

If you need to come on the other day, you must let us know BY EMAIL before Wednesday so we can switch you for the week.


The plants listed in the store will be ordered from the farmer for your next pickup, not this week. When your plants have been ordered, we will add the item Pre-ordered Plants into your cart.


Pork - Boerewors Sausage ($10.75)
Pasta - Short Bi-Color ($6.50)
Tomato Sauce ($6)
Eggs ($4.75)
Ozark Forest Pesto ($7)
Dry Beans - Black ($3.50)
Fresh Herb - Chives
Lettuce - Bibb


Bison - Ground ($14.75)
Del Carmen Choice ($6)
Multigrain Bread - Frozen ($4.50)
Clean Plate Pantry Choice ($8.75)
Rice - Choice ($5.50)
Lettuce - Romaine / loose